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Phone Number: 1-800-452-4827 association with this company:

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  1. I purchased an 2013 XF recently from Hornburg Jaguar and Landrover in Mission Viejo CA. Love the car. However, the little manual key is missing in both sets of keys. Since this is a Certified car should I expect a full set of keys including the small emergency key?????????

  2. I have bought the artize range of bathroom fittings for the whole house. But have not got any warranty cards from the dealer. Whom can i contact?

  3. Your company sucks! I called your corp. customer service line with a problem and was directed back to the dealership. I bought a 2012 supercharged XJL……still under warranty until 2018. The steering wheel and car vibrate at 40-50 mph. Its so annoying I cant stand it. I dismissed this as a tire out of balance before I bought the car. I had all tires balanced 3 times and then finally replaced them all. Since then Ive been online and have found multiple complaints regarding this and that the dealership really wont acknowledge a problem even though there is an inherent problem with the car vibrating amongst car owners in multiple countries. Went to my dealer and their solution after I bought brand new Bridgestone tires all the way around was to switch to Michelins……and this was no guarantee. Really? In order to cure this problem, youre suggesting I switch to a tire that NEVER came on the car to begin with? And why should I be limited to any one tire? What other car model requires this? Im totally disappointed in this car and the manufacturer.

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