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JB Hunt provides transportation & trucking services to a group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.


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  1. I’m on I 70W right now where your truck driver pulling a trailer with the Truck # of JBHU 284319 almost ran my car off an oncoming Ramp. In my opinion this is very unprofessional and very unsafe. I think your truck drivers need better training.

  2. The drivers for this company need to be reevaluated as often as possible, bully drivers! Swerving onto my lane so I don’t pass and dangerously cutting into my lane as I was trying to pass horrible drivers! And I thought ups was bad you guys suck donky d/@k

  3. First delivery waited 4 hours longer than they said to have them make a delivery at my home.. They confirmed delivery that very same morning! No show, then a phone call it missed the truck, 5 hours later! Second delivery for item set up for a week later. Had them deliver it to a place of business so I didn’t have to miss work again and away home. Truck did show up, after driver calling to confirm location. Driver had two trucks ahead of him, waited for awhile and the other truck drivers said he drove off!!! No phone call, nothing!!! No delivery! Called to see where it was and what happened, they didn’t know!! They are checking into it and are promising delivery for this Thursday! For heaven’s sake, it is only a chair! The driver was at a location that sells items that they could have come out with and helped him get it off the truck and bypassed the other trucks! Very dry poor service, terrible communication! Beware!!!

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