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How To Contact Jennifer Convertibles Customer Service

Jennifer Convertibles offers contemporary leather furniture and sofa beds.



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  1. company rating is 0 my sofa delivered 12/07/2014 and by the next day 12/08/2014 the sofa cannot close, I cannot get in touch with the tech. to come in to see what is wrong with the defected sofa the store in carle place n.y sold me.

  2. I had a chair delivered and it looked like a used chair I got from a thrift store. the armholes were very soiled and it all looked a mess. as soon as you walk into my place you can see the over all appearance is used furniture. I thought I was buying a brand new chair. i’ll never trust the business to buy again.

  3. I wish I had read these comments first. The product may be good but the customer service is non-existence. My couch has been sitting in a warehouse since at least October 24. They have my money so I guess it is not a priority for them to give me my couch. Delivery date was scheduled for 11/4, I got rid of my current couch and took off from work. The showroom called me again yesterday — saying that my couch was in and they were calling to schedule delivery! The person denied that he had a 10-minute conversation with me last weekend, and had scheduled the delivery for 11/4. When I told him I was not delusional and is it possible he just doesn’t remember speaking to me — he hung up on me! I called back, and that person also insisted we were wrong and had never scheduled anything, and she hung up on me! Now, I am told the first available date is November 9 and even that is iffy. Ugh. Wish I had gone to Macys.

  4. Jennifer Furniture is not a reputable company. First of all I only had my sofa fro about six years and the Customer Service told me that the replacement for the left side of the sofa. I have no children and then why is my sofa looking as if I had the sofa for 20 years. I was told that the Tech would be back out to recover the left side of the sofa. The company is not reputable nor honest. I should get its business licence revolked. I am 60 yrs old and have been taken advantage of.

  5. I would like to register a comlaint about my experience with Jennifer Convertibles in Colma, California and San Rafael, CA. I went to the Colma store to purchase a couch with recliner seats at the end. In the local newspaper (this was President’s day weekend)the couch was listed at $399.00 which was wonderful. When I went into the store the Manager (I believe his name was Jeff) informed me that it was $299.00 that day. I was very happy and told him I would purchase the couch. This is when the “Company Policy) was expained. I told Jeff that we had a home in San Francisco and also in Placerville, CA, but wanted to use the couch in our Placerville home. I asked if we could pick the couch up at the store when he said NO – AGAINST COMPANY POLICY. The showrooms don’t have room to stock any furniture for pickup. He said the only way to get the furniture was to have it delivered to our San Francisco home for $100.00 or pick it up at a warehouse in Livermore (?) between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am on a Monday.I asked if someone in the warehouse would assist us in putting the couch in our truck. He explained that they could not do that as too many cars/trucks were damaged in helping the items get into the truck/cars so again Company Policy would not allow it. I explained that I was 65 and my husband was 95 and we didn’t really know anyone who could afford to take off work to load the couch. He was nice enough to give me the manager’s name in the San Rafael store to see if he had an extra couch in the style that I wanted as his showroom was bigger. I went home and thanked him and called the San Rafael store manager who was rude and explained the Company Policy again. When I said it was ashame the the Company could not accomodate their customers he said well that is why the furniture is so cheap. I was shocked as he made it sound like because of the cost your company doesn’t really care. Anyway I said that a sale was lost and he really didn’t care. I really wonder if your company is really a furniture company or a front for something else. I am so dissapointed and one more unhappy person with your “company”.

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