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Minneapolis-based Jostens, founded in 1897, is a leading provider of products, programs and services that help people celebrate important moments, recognize achievements and build affiliations. The company’s products include yearbooks, class rings, graduation products and products for athletic champions and their fans.


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  1. My daughter graduated from Southside High School in Greenville SC. Her diploma has been stolen, I would like to get another one. We have the small copy that she was given at the time of graduation. Are you the vendor that provides Southside with their diploma’s?

  2. I purchased a womens Packer super bowl ring and the center of the ring which is a G has fallen out and can’t find can this be replaced if so how and what is the cost

  3. Jostens went into my account and took $297.00 to purchase my sons class ring the initial

    deposit is the only money they were authorized to take from my account. I told them my son would be paying the balance however they went into my bank account and took the money any way. I know I should have took them to small claims with money being short it would have been more time consuming. My son paid me back the money debited from my account. After many phone calls and Emails my son still has not received his class ring two weeks before graduation. The person we used at Jostens is from Calico Rock, Ar

  4. Its lucky for Josten’s that they have a monopoly on graduation products. Their service department is totally unhelpful. Their web site is NOT user friendly. Their coupons don’t work and are misleading. Their announcements were fair quality, but still overpriced.

    Bought a package including a gown (like we have any choice about buying a gown) then they charged us for the cap and gown when we picked it up.

    When I ordered my Name cards I put 50 cards in my cart, but after entering my code for prepaying for the cards it changed to 25 (the # I prepaid for); but I wanted to add 25 more for $9. Service desk could not help me. Had to pay $24 $9.95 S&H for 25 cards (other coupon for free shipping did not work).

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