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How to Contact Element Electronics Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-888-238-8123

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  1. HI; I’m very pleased with my new 50″ element tv. Works great and has a fantastic picture.

    I would like to know if there is a setting I’m not aware of that needs to be changed to allow me to use the headphones. I have a soundbar that works beautifully with the tv, but I’m not able to get the headphones to work.

    Sometimes I like to use the headphones instead of the soundbar.

    Other than the headphone issue, I haven’t had any problems with the tv.


  2. I bought a element tv one year & 2 wks ago. I know I probably should have bought an extended warranty but I didn’t and now I can’t see a picture. I can hear sound but no picture. And they say they can’t do anything. I will never buy another element tv.

  3. I need to buy a remote for my 40 inch Element Flat Screen TV. Can you tell me if Walmart will sell a single remote or where that I can go to get one. Can I order one from your company when you give me the price and I send a money order? Thank you for your cooperation.

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