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How to Contact Jimmy John’s Sandwiches Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-217-356-9900

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  1. They lost a customer today! I am less that 2 minutes drive from the store but they won’t deliver. How’s that for “fast delivery”? What a joke company. A company with such poor customer service needs to simply get out of the business.

  2. A few days ago I made an order worth 11 bucks, the cashier accidentally charged me 111. At the moment I thought it wouldn’t be taken off my account. Its been 4 days and I haven’t got my money back. When I called last night to ask about my money the employee said it would take 5 to 7 business days with rude tone. Really? There is absolutely no reason why I should be waiting to get my money back! I didn’t get a refund, I didn’t get any sort of discount for a future purchase, and I didn’t even get an apology. Definitely never going back there, or any other jimmy john’s for that matter.

  3. I am a private person and do not like the idea of being “tracked” so i have set my phone to NOT track me except for 911. The other day, I was out with a girlfriend and we ordered sandwiches. The Jimmy John’s person who took the order TOLD ME where i was. I felt like they violated my privacy just to ensure their record for “freaky fast”. If my phone is set to NOT TRACK me, are they breaking a law (other than decency) in pulling info that I have said “NO” to providing?

    The sandwiches are good but the service is really creepy!!!!!

  4. I am so upset – the Jimmy Johns in my town has a number that is not in use – I called information and they gave me the same number….what a crock…how do you call for delivery when the number is out of service??? A joke. I will not even go through the drive thru again….you have just lost my business.

  5. I am so craped at jimmy johns. my wife ordered 3 sandwiches all with no mayo. she can not have eggs.(my wife) She is allergic to eggs real bad. it seems that they can not take read orders right. because someone there put mayo on all 3, then they scraped it off. well after my wife took about 4 bites of her sandwich she started swelling up (eyes lips & throat ). Thank God, We had the right meds to stop it. I was upset & wanted to take her to the hospital,But she said no wait for the meds to work. so I called Jimmy Johns & told them about it. they said that she only asked for One sandwich with no mayo. ok, even if she did order one. Then why did all 3 have it scraped off ? (at least one should have not had it.) I asked to speak with a area manager & gave them my phone #. when he called me the first thing he said was, didn’t she check it first. WHY SHOULD SHE !!!!!! Then he tried to say that he took the order he could not have because the store manager said that he had to E-mail my number to him. Then he said that my wife put the mayo on herself. So I called corp. Anna said that I’ll be getting a call which I didn’t get.Now Anna at corp. won’t take my calls. Good thing we had them meds worked otherwise she would have been put in the hospital leaving me with the bill.or worse. Scott y G. Waukesha Wisconsin

  6. I purchased several sandwiches for colleagues at work today. I asked for extra dollar bills to be returned to me so I could make change on my end. The clerk had plenty of dollar bills on hand and was about to be helpful when overidded by the floor manager who said “We don’t make change” Poor customer service I feel and not the way I expect to be treated by a sandwich maker.

  7. I’ve never had a problem with your service. It’s quick and the sandwiches are good however tonight I went into you Orange and Mills store and ordered the wrong sandwich. After they rung it up I realized I ordered the wrong one. The other one was a dollar more. He tried to ring me up for the additional charge then said the computer wouldn’t let him do it and that he had to give me what I ordered and that I could get the correct sandwich the next time. I then said you’re kidding me, right? That’s poor customer service. I asked to speak to a manager. He said he was the manager. I again said that’s poor customer service. Can’t you refund me for the one sandwich and ring me up for the other one and that I come in here all the time and that is poor customer service. All I can say is “really?” He ended up giving me the sandwich I wanted but “really? And “wow”!!! Your managers can’t do a simple task like that without all the hassle to make the customer happy!

  8. Jimmy Johns sucks Boundry Line 29st Zion ILL. Would not go the extra 400 feet to make a delivery. Real poor customer service

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