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  1. Beef and cheddar two for five, no onion rolls for a week. It happens every time they run the two for five special. You would think the manager would order extra onion rolls. went two days ago, no onion rolls until tomorrow. went today, no onion rolls till tomorrow. I drove off for the last time today…

  2. Just received one of your coupon ads in my email. It stated at the top “Now you can get a free drink without ordering a fake water”. What an insult. Are your advertising people serious or you just don’t have any common sense? Accusing people of stealing to sell your product. You’re morons. I have never ordered a fake water and you can take your ad and stuff it.

  3. My husband and I went to our local Arbys several days ago intending to use a coupon for market fresh sandwiches. The coupon was for 2 sandwiches for $6.00.We ordered 1 reuben and 1 turkey bacon ranch.we were told we couldnt use the coupon on the reuben because they had gotten an e mail saying that the reuben was no longer considered a market fresh sandwich. Are you kidding me? Ridiculous! We left and went elsewhere and probably wont go back to Arbys .It just seems like another way to put it to the customer.

  4. Not Happy with the Service received at the Jersey Shore PA Arby’s tonight approximately 7:15 PM tonight!!!! Big Time Rip Off…….bought the large sandwich and NO FREE MEDIUM MILKSHAKE AS PROMISED WITH THE COUPON, GOOD UNTIL 11/31/15……. They offered no substitution….. excuse the milkshake machine was being cleaned…. Why wouldn’t they wait until closer to close the at that time of the night

  5. About a week ago, I bought 3 of your new, so-called brisket sandwiches. All 3 people said they were the worst sandwiches they had ever tasted. I usually love Arby’s food, but these were so dried out and tasteless that we ended up throwing all 3 in the garbage. This experience has certainly changed my feelings about their food. Really don’t expect to eat there again for a very long time.

  6. Received the wrong order, did not add the cheese to my number3 max, but did not forget to charge me for it!!!! After calling the manager ,her attitude was about as good as the (-cheese,) her reply was, our computer does not record the cheddar cheese on the number three, give me your name and phone number, next time get a free burger????she made me feel like I bothered her when calling about this?

  7. I will no longer dine at Arby’s until I read about the firing of Kevin Davenport for refusing to serve Sgt. Jennifer Martin of the Pembroke Pines police dept. I find this whole thing very upsetting. the fact that the very same people that risk their lives to protect Arby’s as well as Mr. Davenports life are treated in this manner. respectfully

  8. MY wife and I went to the Arby’s in mount vernon,il yesterday at 1:30 pm. We ordered the 2 fish for $5.00 deal., but were told they were out of fish. There were other people in there trying to order the same thing. Most of us just walked out. Why would a manager or other person ordering the food supply not account for the sale? Isn’t it better to have more in supply than to lose customers? There are plenty of other fast food places to eat at, which we did.

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