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How To Contact Kellogg’s Customer Service

Will Keith Kellogg (W.K.) began his cereal-making career in the 1890s when he assisted his brother, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, in creating foods for the patients of The Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Kelloggs Customer Service
One Kellogg Square
P.O. Box 3599
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599
Main Office Phone Number: 1-269-961-2000


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  1. I opened a BRAND NEW UNOPEND BOX OF KELLOG SPECIAL K cereal. I poured the cereal into a bowl then poured the milk as I do with any other cereal purchased at my local market. I took a second spoon of the Special K and bit on something so hard, hard enough to crack my fifth tooth on the right side of my upper mouth completely in HALF. The pain was excruciating and so painful that it shot from the right side of my mouth to my right temple. I called my dentist but remembered they on closed on Sunday. The emergency service attendant answered and asked me if it was an emergency. I told her yes, my tooth spit completely in half the pain is excruciating. She then told to relay this message to me, go in first thing Saturday morning they will be there to see you. The x-rays and evaluation by my dentist confirmed what I already knew the tooth was cracked in half and could not be saved. I have to see a oral surgeon to have both halves of my tooth completely removed $504.00 dollars. I need a bridge and a new tooth replaced where the Special K cereal did the damage another estimated $800.00 to put a replacement tooth where the original one was cracked in half. I called Kellogg Corporate office and requested to request a PHYSICAL DAMAGE CONSUMER COMPLAINT as a result of eating the Special K cereal. I was told by the Kellogg representative I spoke to that I will be compensated for the damage done to my tooth. This better mean ALL THE DAMAGE, THE EXTRACTION, THE BONE REPLENISH/RIDGE, CREATING A BRIDGE, MOLDING THE TOOTH THAT MUST REPLACE THE EXTRACTED TOOTH AND GLUE EVERYTHING BACK INTO MY JAW. I MUST HAVE ALL THIS DONE NOW. I have all the bills to prove what must be done and what the cost will be. You don’t know if you are going to be the next one who cracks a tooth in half. Please don’t take any chances its not worth anyone else getting hurt like I did and I mean ANYONE.

  2. Your NEW special “k” has grains that are either over done or never formed properly. My wife and I have been eating them every day. They have hard a grain in almost every bowl full. Hard enough to crack a tooth. Please, go back to the old style as we have never had a complaint about them.




  4. I just had a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a 1″long brownish think came out when I poured the cereal into my bowl. I think it is Burt sugar but pretty nasty looking all the same. I have a photo if interested

  5. Hi, I recently saw a promotion umbrella for Special K and wondered if u would sell one. We are avid Special K cereal lovers and we even call our granddaughter Special K . Thank you for your time and products

    Sincerely Emily Spaulding

  6. Dear Keebler Company & Kellogg Company,

    Today I went to do my grocery shopping at; WalMart, Hurricane Utah as I do every month. I went to buy some snacks and came across your brand “Simply made-peanut butter chocolate chip” cookies and the photo on the package looked so inviting so I bought one to try. As always I have the clerk bag my cookies alone with nothing heavy. Anyway when I arrived home and put away my foods ans I opened the Keebler peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and to my surprise most were all broken to small crumbs! Well I was really taken back as I have NEVER had a bad batch of Keebler cookies ever! I took photos of the package as I peeled back the opening and most were all broken! The sku number on the package reads: #0 30100 10351 6 also their was another number:K 105866001 NLI# 10403. I wasn’t very happy and I would hope Keebler will make it right for me. I will save the package and the receipt from WalMart. The cookies sold for $1.96 per pack. Please take a moment to view the 3 photos I down loaded to this draft to you. Feed back would be helpful and refund and or coupons to try another package.

    Sincerely A long time customer,

    Joselle Marsh

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