Kroger Customer Service


How To Contact Kroger Customer Service

The Kroger Co. spans many states with grocery stores, multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores.


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  1. I contacted the customer service number to get some assistance with my pharmacy account. Spoke with a young lady who’s name is Amanda. She was very helpful in getting to the bottom of the issue and was very professional in her performance. I told her that I would be giving her an ATTA GIRL Award for her fantastic service. Thanks, Amanda. Its good to be able to speak with a real person rather than having to go through about a dozen questions from an automated helpline, that can never get anything right or be dump on to a foreign call center where the person you are trying to deal with cannot understand English and you have to repeat yourself over and over and still not again accomplished.

  2. The Kroger Store in Atlanta, Ga. Cascade has truly improved

    the meat dept. the butcher is excellent. The cuts of meat are

    much better. Good job Javier. The quality is great.

  3. I used to shop at Ralph’s Studio City, CA. #133…I shopped there for approx. 7 years UNTIL,

    #1 Managers are not telling people with dogs in the store they cannot be in the store, that they may

    only bring in service dogs. I am sickened by the fact that, they put their dogs in shopping carts and, I and others put our food in those same carts….I just witnessed 2 different managers (Sean and Marilyn) walk right past people with lil doggies and say NOTHING to these people. They have signs in front of the store that CLEARLY state NO PETS ALLOWED. It is also AGAINST our health laws where food is sold!

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