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  1. Hi. I have been shopping at Aldi’s since it opened, I have been buying “Sea Queen”, Raw Shrimp, almost every time I go there. Did not ever count them, trusted that the amount stated on the bag, was correct. The last few times, I decided to do so, and every time, the count was less than stated ! The Raw Jumbo, states that there is 26-30 pcs in each bag, I counted 20, in one bag, 21 in another and 20 in yesterdays bag !!! If it says 26-30, I expect to get at least 26 !!!! I feel that I’m getting cheated every time !!!! Is that the way you do bussiness? I spend a lot of money, in your store, so I feel that the way you fool people, isn’t fair !!!! thanks Nadia

  2. Have been calling customer service for 3 days & mailbox is always full .& your web page is devoid. I bought 2 three tired metal shelving units & pole connectors are missing from both. Need parts or they are useless otherwise.

  3. For the last 12 to 15 years, I have been buying 10 to 13 boxes (7 loaves per) for Christmas gifts among other items.

    I found a manager in a very clean store in Warminster PA, where the Manager put away my order in the store room

    ’till I picked them up – ( it prevented those little old ladies from “squeeze testing” every loaf) plus the way they keep

    the boxes too close to the floor in some stores 🙁 . The manager gave me his phone number so I could check

    whether my order had come in. This year there is a new (girl) manager who does apparently not think much of

    communications. I had to go to the store to be told that 10 Boxes of Butter Almond Stollen which I had ordered

    would be in sometime next week. I need this shipment by Wednesday and I made that clear over a month ago!

  4. This is also my first complaint with Aldi’s. I am a frequent shopper of the Sumter, SC store and was extremely satisfied with shopping there until the other day when the cashier embarrassed me. She had just opened her line up and of course the conveyer belt is going to be empty. I started putting my groceries on the conveyer belt and the lady behind me started putting hers up there too. The cashier did tell her to let me finish putting mine up there first. I had to stop what I was doing and let the lady behind me get her groceries because they were getting mixed all up with mine. So anyway, I proceeded in putting my groceries on the conveyer and I guess I wasn’t putting them fast enough for the cashier because she came around to my buggy and pretty much pushed me out of the way and started putting “MY” groceries up there. She didn’t say anything at all. I was so embarrassed because she took over my shopping cart and I was just standing there. I was MAD and EMBARRASSED. Customers were looking like “WOW”. I told her I could get them myself. I cannot believe this!! I felt like I was on a production line and wasn’t fast enough or something. I just don’t understand why she couldn’t just simply ask if I wanted some help. I DID NOT NEED ANY HELP!!!! What is wrong with her that she would make a customer feel like that. Anyway, I’m not sure but I do think the manager told her to. I tried calling the store to speak to the manager but I could not find a phone number. I think the conveyer belts need to be shortned and not so long and I think some people need a class or two in Cusomter Service. I don’t know if I will come back!!!

  5. I shop at the new Brattleboro store at least once a week. I am generally satisfied with the service and prices. Last week they stopped selling gallons of fat-free milk,& the manager said that the only thing I could do was complain to ALDI by email because the fat-free gallons were not selling well. Yesterday, when I went to the store, they had a large volume of 1% gallons at 50 cents. It seems that someone there, or in corporate headquarters, has not figured out which product isn’t selling well.

  6. I have always been pleased with products that I have purchased @ Aldi’s – even electrical items [Iron, steames,etc.] Thank you so much Aldi’s

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