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  1. My debit card was kept by a business near Shop Rite and I was unaware. So, I wrote a check.I have to use a hand cart to bring home milk, food for animals, laundry supplies, meat, etc. etc. I had no car suddenly so I used this cart. But when Debit was reported and awaiting replacement, I used a check. I wrote three too close together not knowing there was a policy. Even tho I had animals to feed and needed milk and food for small animals (kittens), I was told I could not write a check. I have no bad checks or problems with bank. I also know that the trip to the store when this happened should have been considered outside of the 7 days policy. So I now have applied to a bank that I can walk to with osteoporosis of the hip (not the Constitution Bank almost 3 miles away) and I will have my debit card ready this coming week. However, I got a call I could not come in more then 7 days later and pick up some food for pets tonight but had they would have to wait until tomorrow. I have renewed my goal of getting out of Ewing with high taxes and moving to another location. No matter what I do however, I will try to avoid going to a shop rite without cash. If baby animals and women74 walking with a cart to get food for them has no meaning to ShopRite when no checks have bounced and where months of patronage means zero, I pretty much understand that yes indeed, my life has come to zero once again. Even at 74 and all of the humiliations from crooks ruining my car so I walk, paying high taxes on a house I found out was illegal for Ewing to even sell, etc., it seems like being told by a store I have patronized for years to go to hell basically when I need food for little kittens has brought me to the conclusion that moving is a good idea or finding a renter to take on the tax burden. AND find another supplier (probably Shop and Stop because they deliver) to help me with my grocery shopping. Tired of crying and tired of walking to Shop Rite.

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