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How To Contact Kiplinger Customer Service

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  1. Barbara finally resolved my issue. I renewed a subscription for 3 years over a year ago and never got a magazine. I then called at the end of September and was told they had no record of my payment. I then faxed in a copy of the check. Two weeks later, having heard nothing, I called back. The CS rep told me that my check was now posted but that the subscription still expired in 2018 ( 2 years). I asked for a supervisor and was told he would call me back. Never received a return phone call.

    Today, Barbara told me that they had been sending it to the wrong address ( This was a renewal and my address hasn’t changed in twenty years). She assured me that the expiration was now 2019. Although she was efficient, I asked that she have a supervisor call me. I also told her that if a supervisor doesn’t call, I will never renew another Kiplinger magazine. My bets go on no return call.

  2. you took my money and I have not seen a letter yet.I ord. a 2 yr. subscription .to your letter 12/2015. I have received. nothing….cancel my subscription.

  3. Your customer service has been appalling!

    Called to renew two subscriptions yesterday June 29, 2015 and today, June 30th.

    Since your system was updating while your subscription department was taking subscriptions NO MENTION

    was made of this to the customer???

    Called again this afternoon, thought I had re-upped my subscriptions only to learn again, that after taking all the pertinent information and credit card number nothing was recorded or taken down???

    Was told nothing could be confirmed???????????????

    Even spoke to a supervisor which didn’t help!

    Want someone in charge of subscriptions to CALL ME!!!

    732 406 8500

    What kind of company are you running???

    Acct: 58646142

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