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How To Contact Wall Street Journal Customer Service

The Wall Street Journal is an economic and financial newspaper and website based in the U.S.A. 1-800-568-7625


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  1. After signing up for a two- month trial to WSJ, I started browsing their extra publications, e.g., their book reviews, editorial columns. Before I could finish , I was disconnected. Very annoying.

  2. Last year I had a problem with weekend WSJ being delivered, and I am having the same problem now. I did not receive last week’s paper (May 26th) nor today’s paper (June 2nd). Please resolve this chronic problem.

  3. On March 21st we discontinued service for the Wall Street Journal delivery, until March 31st. we have not received any news papers since the 21st of March

  4. We have not received our journal in two days, have called both days. Please respond to this, or we may have to cancel our Sub.

  5. In January I transferred delivery from Syosset, N.Y. to Fla. As of today, paper is still being delivered to Syosset. I have made over 15 calls to Customer Service to no avail. This includes 6 supervisors.

  6. Every Saturday the newspaper does not arrive do not want a credit I would like the paper delivered today Lindenhurst NY

    1. Same here.i moved a few blocks away ten weeks ago.To date I have received five weekend editions.I live in a downtown hi-rise condo;the few newspapers are just left in the lobby. I imagine that when this place was built in 1964 as an “executive”55 building with 64 condos there would be a hundred newspapers delivered to this address to your door.Kids on bikes did better.Also collected $ .Kept books!

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