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How To Contact Klipsch Customer Service

Klipsch manufactures a wide range of speakers, from computer monitors, home audio, and home theater systems


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  1. I am a loyal customer who opened a support ticket over a week ago with no response. Also, I contacted support three times today and received a message that they were in a team meeting. I’ve been an executive in many Fortune 500 Companies, and we never tolerated this kind of customer service. Something is broken that Mr. Jacobs needs to be aware of for resolution. You have lost my business as a customer as I will give it to a company that values customer service.

  2. Klipsch has always in the past made excellent speakers. Now apparently the company has been sold off and there is absolutely NO customer service. Used up 100 minutes put on hold on my phone and still didn’t get anyone to pick up. Sent an email which was supposed to be answered within a week and a month later, still no one has responded. Left my phone number on their answering machine for a call back, nothing. Personally, I don’t think they even have an employee working in their customer service department.

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