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Lyft is a popular ride-share app and service. Drivers connect with riders through a smart device app. Their main competitor is Uber.

Lyft Contact Information

Help Website for Lyft click here

Help Website for Drivers click here

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Phone: 1-415-230-2905

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Lyft customer service
Lyft Customer Service


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  • I had you scheduled for a pickup for 6 people and you never came, but still charged my credit card $64. I’m done with you guys.

  • I read the complaints and it’s hard to believe the ur still in business, I’ve even made attempts to contact lyft headquarters in San Francisco, Ca to no avail. I think this company needs to be and should shut down.

  • Iam a lift driver. I had an accident at the Greyhound parking lot several weeks ago. I had just pickef up a rider and was leaving when a car backed into me.The Tallahassee po;ice were called and since the accident was in a parking lot they only help exchange information. The accident was reported to lift and I am not allowed to drive for safety reasons. I had a small dent, very small on the side of my car and now I can’t drive until this is cleared. I changed to drive with my other car but no deal I still can;t drive. WHAT? This does not make any sense. I took all the required pictures and have found there is a 2,000 deductable. I am not able to reach any help line So I am out of work.


  • Tuesday June 5, 2018, we used lyft for a doctor appointment. We had arranged ahead of time with Cyndi Becker (763)528-5460.

    She arrived on time and efficiently got us to the doctor’s building.

    We had also arranged a ride for Wednesday June 6, to be picked up at 11:30 AM. I got a late text stating that she could not make the appointment: “I’m in Tampa.” (We live in Bradenton.) My husband immediately called for another ride; we had to wait 9 minutes, making me very late for my appointment.

    We will not use this driver again.

    1) Although she did not smoke while driving, her vehicle reeked of cigarette smoke and I could see the ashtray placed in the front seat cup holder, immediately to my left. This was extremely unpleasant, to say nothing of unhealthful. I endure many health problems; second hand smoke is not a welcome addition to my condition.

    2) The late cancellation seems highly unprofessional.

    It is not with pleasure that I send this report. Cyndi drove the bus and tram for the retirement community where we reside, bringing us to meals, shopping errands etc. She was recommended by another driver. When I told this today to the other driver and the activities director, both were surprised and dismayed, and said that they will no longer refer other residents to Ms. Becker.

  • I just got ripped off by a Lyft driver and I think the only way to address this is to go to the media in Chicago where I live!!!

  • I want to use my discount for my first ride but I’m told I have redeemed it. I have never use the service

  • Trying to talk to someone is nearly impossible…every time I typed in the code to activate the app..Lyft sends me another code. Ready to give up…so frustrated..need to talk to a customer service human.

  • “How do I sign up for lyft when I don’t have an IPhone or android. I only have an IPad.

    Please help. Cindi”

  • Can you drive for Lyft if you have a court restricted driver license for work purposes?

  • Y do I have to keep giving u guys my license when I can read it so u should be able to

  • Y do I have to keep giving u guys my license when I can read it so u should be able to

  • I would like you to know about an extraordinary Lyft Driver you have in Daion Irvin, working in the Chicago IL area. My son who lives in Chicago left his phone in Daion’s car last night 3/17/18. Daion called me (I live in PA) he worked with me and my son’s roommate to return the phone to my son. He certainly didn’t have to, but he did. He also put me at ease saying that he had driven my son and his friends back to their apartment. I truly appreciate him and wanted you to know what a gem you had in him!

  • I have begged you to answer my Lyft question and I have not had a reply about a $71 charge that is not mine. Ann Slavick If there was someone to send my frustration at your incompetence you would be reported.

  • This is the third place I have tried to reach you. I used a Lyft car today but when I called to get a car to return home I couldn’t get anything but the word payment and then I was told to contact customer service where a robot told me my account needed a payment card. I typed in the one I have always used and the robot said that I was charged $71 on Fri.march 2. I never left my home on that date and nobody has had access to my credit card. I am desperate to settle this. PLEASE, PLEASE get in touch with me. The number on my app is but when I am home as I am now and will be tomorrow is or send me an e-mail.

  • Last night I requested a Lyft home after work as I always do. My phone went dead while waiting on the driver but I knew to look for a Camry and the Indian guy named basheyy or something like that. As he parked and I realized he was who I was waiting on I approached the cat Nd saw the Lyft app open with my information on the screen. So I wave to get his attention and he sees me and drives off as if I’m trying to rob him. He comes around to the opposite side of the street and I approach him again this time in his side so he can hear me tell him I’m the one who requested the ride. But yet again he assumes a black man down town in the pouring rain is trying to rob him. I walked home last night in a severe thunder storm because my job was closed and had no where to go. You charged me a. No call fee which ithheld me from getting a taxi. I would like my money back.

  • Wanted to know how you charge I was charged got just myself this morning as I payed for 4 people last week I payed 1 price and to day same place to day 2.00 more why?

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