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How To Contact Uber Customer Service

How can I contact customer support at Uber?

The best way is to use their help section online. Available here.
Does Uber offer help on Twitter?

Yes they have a Twitter page for customer support.
What is Uber’s Address?

Uber Technologies Inc.
1455 Market Street, Suite 4004th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94103
What is Uber’s main phone number

I want to drive for Uber how do I apply?

Go to their website and enter your information. Then provide them with your documents and download the driver’s app. Uber offers support in person for many cities. So, once you are approved they will help you get started.
How does Uber work?

A rider opens up the Uber app their smart device and requests a ride. Then the rider is matched with an Uber Driver. The driver picks up the rider and takes them to the desired location. After the ride, the rider will leave a review for the driver.
Can I rate Uber Customer service?

Yes you can rate Uber’s customer service on Customer Service Numbers website. If you want to review your driver just use the Uber app.
Who is the CEO of Uber?

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber Technologies
Is Uber profitable?

As of 2018, no they are not. However, they generate billions in revenue and will likely turn a profit in the next few years.
Is Uber a public company?

No, they are not as of 2018. However, they plan to go public in 2019.
I have an Uber gift card, do they offer a phone number?

Yes Uber Gift Cards do offer phone support, the phone number is: 1-888-818-2915

Uber Customer Service

41 Responses

  1. I had $92.11 in my account and as of today I have zero. I know that I didn’t use it because I keep it for emergencies only, since Uber credit’s don’t expire. I also have screen shots to prove it. I tried contacting them through the app, asking for a refund and they replied with a non-reply account saying that they can’t refund me. Ok fine, but they could at least recredit my account! They do not give the option to talk with a customer service rep. let alone a legit contact number. Uber is shady AF!!!

  2. How can a company function with no customer service number. I was charged a cancel fee and I never cancel, I even told the driver the address I was at looking at the app she never moved. this is a joke you can’t even speak with someone. This is the 2nd time I’ve been charged and wasn’t pick up. This is BS

    1. OMG! I just went through this same issue yesterday! I had 6 cancellations and charged $5 cancellation fees! I never cancelled. the driver seems to have cancelled the pick-up himself! and I can’t get no one to talk to. No customer service line!

    2. I was charged different amount the initial ride. The initial ride was 4.88 at the end was charged $7.25. I tried to get a refund and I got.5 cents Total was 7.20.

  3. When I call the above number all I get is a recorded message telling me to email customer support. You really mean to tell me I cannot speak to a live customer service representative? Poor customer service, and definitely NOT good business practice. Guess Lyft has acquired a new customer. At least THEIR app works on my phone as opposed to Uber’s!

    1. Are you aware that once someone uses the credit card number, it can be used over and over. A minor family member, unknown to me, took my card and used it to pay her Uber charges. They apparently offered her the opportunity to charge without the card for all future trips. I could not call these people! The minor girl nearly charge a grand. I am also so upset with Uber!!!!

  4. uber driver lied and said my friends and I left a mess in his car. 150 dollars later I can not get anyone from uber on the phone. Total Bull!! The Uber app is removed from my phone for life! Thanks to that driver!

    1. This happened to me on a ride from RSW to Naples on 7/10/18. I am unable to get any help from uber.

      $150 charge for cleaning mess that we did not leave. No more uber for anyone in my family.

  5. someone opened an account in my grandmothers name and we want to find out who did so and in what state

  6. I ordered a meal from Uber eats. I watched the guy on the map pull in at my workplace. He left because he couldn’t find me. He didn’t call me or anything. Made NO ATTEMPT to contact me. I tried calling him and got a VM. What an meanie. I’m done w/ UBER

  7. It is impossible to contact anyone at Uber. Phone call just says that phone messages can’t be understood so Uber not bothering with that!!!

    The Uber e-mail is trying to find your ride, not helping with other things as

    we were charged $5 for a so-called cancelled ride. The driver couldn’t find us!! even though a some minutes later after another call this driver had no problem picking us up. And this $5 will not be paid!!

    I don’t understand why there was a booking charge by one driver?? Not a lot – $1.50 but why??? No one else did.

    One driver, Nicole, picked us up in a car not authorized by Uber!!???

    We used Uber a lot in Wash.D.C. This was our first time. Not sure about much future use!!

  8. I have tried and tried to speak to a live person at Uber, to know avail. Any company that does not provide contact info ( to speak to a live person seems really shady. I would like to drive for Uber, but not until I speak to a live person. If not I will go to Lyft, and the hell with Uber.

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