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Makita Tools are industrial strength, yet the are available to the public.



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  1. Oh my word, I am soooooooooo very sorry this happened to you. As an older , mature woman, I have the ability to do much of the work around the house., Chain sawing, weed eating, etc…While looking for Makita’s customer service tele number, I came across your letter..09/05/2012. I pray you are doing better and hopefully in good health. I fully understand about being in the hospital, Just released, after getting a new hip. god bless you and your family, Sheree

  2. I have 2 Makita 9.6 volt Model 6012HD cordless drill and a Makita 7.2 volt Model 6172D also. I put need batteries in both drills and the drills don’t work is there a fuse built into the drill that I need to replace? I would appreciate your help on getting these to work.

  3. I just purchased a 19″ clay spade for your old HM1500 demo /jack hammer from a local White Cap store. I paid $210.61 for that accessory! I am overwhelmed by the mark up that Makita charges for their older equipment. I recently purchased a new demo hammer (Makita) from Home Depot & paid $89.00 for the new updated clay spade. The new spade cannot be used with the old demo hammer, how convenient! I have been very happy over the years with your products but am considering going with another brand of construction tools. Double the price for accessories just because they are older is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An unhappy Makita customer going elsewhere!

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