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  1. New version is terrible…Ill use something else after 7 years with Mapquest. If you want a new version fine but leave us the Classic because it works. Dumb move on Mapquest’s part

  2. company rating is 0 I can not print nothing does not print address or street turn left or right try too call the company no answer please go back to old classic, I been with MapQuest since the day they came online

  3. New version is terrible, hard to get directions and takes forever to start. Bring the old version back. Will not use the new version. I’ve switched to Goggle Maps. Used MapQuest For years but not anymore.

  4. Your new MapQuest is terrible. it is very difficult to ask for directions. it is impossible to enlarge a section of the map for street details. Whoever thought up the “new look and the new way” needs to go back to the old version. The old version worked. Your new Mapquest version is terrible.

  5. This does suck!! The old one was simple and clear and did the job. I will never use this messed up deall!!! I always used mapquest over Google.

  6. I have appreciated using your services for a lseveral years to find directions. However for the past two weeks i have not been able to print the directions. Do you have a phone number where I can talk to someone about this? Howard Pearlson. It is important that i resolve this problem.

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