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Phone Number: 1-614-807-5105 association with this company:

This website is not associated with the company. The website is for reviews, ratings, complaints, and information only. Please do not leave any personal information in the comments or reviews. Also, please report any inaccurate information in the comment section below.


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  1. This site is full of inaccurate information. Not only did they not get permission to put businesses in here with very wrong information. It helps no one having people go to places that are not appropriate.

    If this replay does not get posted then you know it is bogus.

    Little River Glen residences are not my line of work, and it is INdependent only living.

  2. this site is not to good im not to happy not doing good for my business I want cancel no privacy everyone can enter en your privacy

  3. Main Auto Abilene Kansas

    Your site for Main Auto has bad info. on it. You need to contact me about this before I have to get legal help.

    My phone number is. My name is Marvin Main OWNER of Main Auto in Abilene Kansas

  4. I did NOT authorise the listing that Manta has on my company, not only that when you go to my listing the site refers you to our opposition. It is a paid ad from our opposition linked to our company name. This is illegal in Australia but can I find someone in Manta Australia, NO! Then I tried to have our unauthorised listing from Manta and it takes me to the USA site, which won’t let you remove your name unless you are in the US, this is a SCAM

  5. Mantas’ PHONE NUMBER IS 614-807-5105.

    I Was with Manta for 4 months without getting any listing for my company on any of the search engines. In trying to cancel, it took me literally a couple of hours on the internet looking for any phone numbers for them. They tell you if you put certain search words in your listing with them your company will come up on google, or any of the internet search engines. WRONG, for the 4 months with them my company got zero (0) calls from any potential customers.

    If you want your companies name listed on the first page of any search engine, you have to spend hundreds of dollars, not the $39 that Manta charges monthly. Manta promises the world and gives nothing at all. Do not use this company, or any that promises you headlines for a low price, it’s just not so!!!!!!

    Manta will keep you on the hook for as long as they can, while draining your bank account each and every month for $39.

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