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How To Contact Yelp How to Contact Customer Service For Support and Help

Yelp is a local online directory. Founded in 2004, Yelp helps people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists and mechanics. 1-415-908-3801


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  1. NO ONE has even an e-mail address to contact Yelp??? It is WAY past time to SUE Yelp for it’s defamation of businesses! Someone get a class action lawsuit against this fraud company!

  2. it is a horrible service . we have clients to review on our business and yelp took of all the rating. I thought it is a freedom to review to make the business realize and getting to know about the customer .

  3. O.K. This is the deal my friend. Because will not let our company respond to any review. I’ve tried many times to straightened out a couple bad reviews. We are looking to hold Yelp liable for the damages that’s been done to our business since 2014. Once, we hire legal counsel we will never, never back down until our case is resolved. It’s O.k to get a bad review, we understand that entirely. But, when Yelp will not allow the business to resolve or respond to the complaint. That’s intentional on Yelps part. I’ve been trying for the last year to respond to these complaints. We are craped here. You can’t publish a business and allow reviews if the business can’t respond. We can’t respond. Our legal team will be sending Yelp a ceist and desist order as well as the legal parameters of the case to follow. Get out your wallet, YOU WILL PAY !

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