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How To Contact Cenlar Customer Service

Cenlar FSB is a wholesale bank that focuses all of its energy on sub-servicing Loans. 1-800-223-6527


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  1. Ive made several attemps to reach cenlar and sat on the phone over 2hrs today and still never got to talk to any one.our home is going in forcloser so I need to talk to some one

  2. Horrible company! They are ‘always experiencing very high call volumes’ no matter what day, or time of day you call. If you are lucky, you may get through in 45 minutes, or maybe less, but that is highly unlikely. And if you do get through, NEVER ask for a manager, or you will be dumped back into the same cue for another 45-minute wait. On my last interaction with them, they transferred me to the cue of a manager who had gone home for the day; found that out by looking at their Facebook page, and seeing his notes about going to some event at the time that I was still on hold.

    Very poor customer service. I have sent three emails to their ‘customer service’ address, but the 24-hour turn-around is an automated response telling you that you will be contacted in 24 business hours; four days, and three emails later, no response.

    My loan was sent to them in mid-December 2015 when I got a note from Quicken instructing me to send my January payment to Center who will be sending me a ‘Welcome……’ package, which I still have not received as of today, January 4th. Their ineptitude is a big problem now because I can’t make my payment as they have not sent me the loan number; can’t pay by phone, can’t pay online and the days tick away, and with the horrible record they have of massive errors, confidence is low and I’m not going to send a check to pay a loan when I can’t put the loan number on the check.; God only knows whose account they would apply my payment too. I’m considering refinancing and adding a clause to the deal that forbids the transfer of my new loan to Center.

    Want to complain to somebody at Center? Nope. No numbers are listed for anything for ‘sub-servicing’ who has no account info, and of course, Customer ‘Service’ and I use that term loosely. What a horrible way to run a business; constantly trolling for new customers and never increasing staff. I feel sorry for all the abuse that the poor schmucks who work for this sub-standard company probably have to put up with every day.

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