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  1. Received the bag I ordered on line. Not what I wanted. No return information on the packing slip.

    How do I return this bag for a refund?

  2. My name is Pauline K. Smith I ordered a purse several days ago and have not received it as yet. Tracking number is 57293 I have been unable to trace it. Would you please find out where it maybe and send me a message @ ASAP as it was ordered as a gift. Thank you.

  3. I agree that this company has horrible, horrible service, with no one you can reach by telephone AT ALL.

  4. I wrote a book called Bad side of Africa & in 2010 I changed my name to Anthony Jones (formally Butterfield) because my mother died. I cannot access my account because I changed my password, so can you please call me fast because I have another book to be published & its a true life story. My phone number in the U.K. is & I need to be called fast if possible. Thank you

  5. I am writing in regards to a book I wrote for my Grand Daughter I can not find my tracking number. The book is called Maycee The Ladybug Goes To School. It has been over 6 weeks since I ordered it . It was going to be a birthday gift but I guess not. It makes no sense that you do not have a phone number on your customer service site I am the one that purchased the book Anne should of been mailed to Maycee Kuhlman . Please contact me ASAP with info on this order. please list a phone number if I have further questions thank you Anne 3-1-2014

  6. I want to purchase Laurel Mellin ebt kit 5 that was published in 2014. I found the kit at Amazon and Tower, but they have old copies published in 2012. How can I purchase a 2014 copy through Lulu?

  7. LAW SUET Bank Havieing issues with you and no number you have stolen over 50 Dallers out of my account

    Better Call also my bank says you payed over 100 dallers I have not sold one book! I have Lawyer

    Call to avoid issues

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