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  • Steve, you hit the nail on the head. In addition Marie’s pot pies (chicken) were our favorite, but now as with all products, it has been cut for quality and packaging. Also, I hadn’t given it much thought, but you are right, Steve, I think they are being thawed and refrozen, making the crust so hard you cannot possibly enjoy the meal. As to handling the thawing/refreezing issue being taken up at your local store, Marie should be made aware as this is definitely shedding a not-to-favorable light on her product and consumers will not buy again; I know I won’t.


  • I bought 4 Razzeleberry Pies for a shower I was throwing. ..By the time I got it home and was ready to bake it.

    It looked like it had been frozen, thawed, and frozen again. Also most of crust at the edges were broken off. My family really loves your products, all of them!!! I always get quality things, however, the pies were not the quality of Marie Callender’s. I had to scramble to find something different to replace the pies. I told the manager at the grocery what happened and all he said was “sorry”.

  • bought a banana cream pie set on counter to defrost for dinner desert everything looked good until I went in to cut and found out the crust underneath was broken in little pieces could not lift out with pie cutter. had to turn upside down an serve that way. it looked like it had been dropped

  • Regarding the Marie Callender’s Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie: I purchased one for my husband for a quick meal, traditionally I get the regular Chicken Pot Pie, but decided to try the Mushroom. My husband did not like it at all and said not to get him that one again. I was surprised as he enjoys mushrooms. I just thought it was him. So I purchased another one for myself because I love Chicken Pot Pie’s and only Marie Callender’s . well, he was so right, it was the worst pot pie I have ever ate. I would go as far as saying it was disgusting! You should dump it, it had no flavor, no vegetables, rubbery chicken. I had to throw it away…never again will I buy that pot pie for my family. Its a shame Marie Callender’s name is on it.

    Brenda Sepulvida

  • Used to like the chicken pot pies but find that the chicken they use is very low grade. Chicken is rubber like.Can’t get myself to eat them anymore. Used to use them for a quick meal-won’t be buying anymore. They are no better if not worse then the competition .


  • yesterday i purchased the salisbury steak dinner. and, i most say, it was delicious. however, it would be a wonderful treat if you were to put in a brownie. the vegies were not so great. so, in place of them, please ad a small treat. I THINK A BROWNIE WOULD BE NICE. thank you, i trully enjoy your products. jr

  • FYI! Your Pot Pies could be alot better without the carrots. The carrots taste so bad I have to remove them. Maybe you should try them and see what I mean.

  • Freshly prepared food is great. BUT most of your food has tooooo much salt. I bit into has browns and received a mouth full of salt. That means that is ALL I tasted is salt. With the salt taste in my mouth, the rest of the plate of food had only a salty taste. I am not asking you to stop the salt. just add less salt. Too much salt is not healthy, just have your preparers or venders add less. Thank you for listening to me.

  • We bake your pot pies in the oven. no matter what we do the dough never gets done. I think your pies need to be in aluminum, not paper.

  • Why don’t you make the meatless lasagna with four cheeses. it was delicious and now unavailable. Seems when you really like something, they stop making it. We are senior citizens and we could divide one portion and it was perfect. Shame on you for not making such a great product.

  • I attended a Wedding Reception on Saturday evening, 10/03/15, the Happy couple provided a dinner/food for guests that was delicious. All that attended did comment how great this was and I want to make sure that someone at Marie Callenders is aware of this. I do want to give complements to the cook/chef who prepared the turkey, the fettuccine, the pot roast, and all the other dishes he prepared for pick up for this event. I also understand that the manager, a lady name Sasha, made sure that everything was ready for pick up as promised. Marie Callenders has a fantastic crew/staff at the Henderson, NV Restaurant and I do want to make sure that these compliments get to the right area. All food was fresh, hot, and delicious.

  • Can no longer find Marie Callender chicken rice soup in my area. Can I order a case on line? Thanks.

  • Why don’t you make the meatless lasagna with four cheeses. it was delicious and now unavailable. Seems when you really like something, they stop making it. We are senior citizens and we could divide one portion and it was perfect. Shame on you for not making such a great product.

  • I bought a coconut cream pie, and it was very bad, no flavor to the filling and the crust was not done.

    For $6.00 you would think it would have something.

  • Recently bought Marie Callander Chicken Pot Pie it was all grizzle in the chicken pieces. It was terrible. I threw it away. Saved the box to tell you about it. Please advise me as what happened. Ive always been happy with your products. Thank you

  • we went and bought a cherry pie the other day made by Marie Callender , best pie i’ve ever had , but after eating a couple pieces i found a cherry pit and those pieces , i am not complaining , just thought you should know for future references ,

  • I bought a apple crumb pie for 7.99 went to put it in the oven whell the pie was not even full with apples . I had to add a can of apple pie filling to the pie so I would have a pie that was at least filled with apples.. I do think for the price you have to pay and then bake it you should have more of the product.




  • got two of your(country fried chicken & gravy) at Walmart in Seaford,Del. worse meal we’ve ever had. Potatoes were lumpy and not at all creamie, grave not enough and stuck to package. We are seniors and don’t a treat often but it will be a long time before we get another frozen dinner.

  • I know that it is buyer beware, but I feel like I was “taken” when I ordered the $9.99 special. The ad said choice of Pot Pies at the restaurant for $9.99…what I didn’t see and what was cleverly disguised in small print above the $9.99 were the words STARTING AT. My son ordered the shepherd’s pie and I got the one with shrimp. Imagine my surprise when our bill came to $33.00! I asked the waiter what I had missed and he said “starting at”. The Shepard’s pie was $11.99 and the Shrimp Pie was $13.99. I think you are guilty of deceptive advertising. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you. Well, you won’t get another chance because I won’t be back!

  • To start with i am 73 years old and live alone so i don’t cook much. I have been purchasing Marie Callender’s products for over two years at the rate of 30 to 40 a month. But as of late the quality of the meat in them is poor,the last country fried beef steak was so full of gristle through out the meat i could not eat it and the same with the beef and broccoli, slow roasted beef dinners. the last 8 chicken pot pies over half the chicken in it was the same way. What is going on ?

  • I live in Texas where we are known for exceptional pecan pies…I have eaten every kind of pecan pie recipe from really great cooks….but in all my years have never eaten one as good as yours. Please, please tell me when and where I can find your pecan pie as I can no longer find it in my grocery (Tom Thumb…Safeway). Thanks, Hannah Rubin

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