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  1. Yes, I just looked to start a group, and stopped the process when I saw they require auto billing. Sad because I used them before for community groups. As I remember the story goes that meetup was inspired by 9/11, when one New Yorker decided it was good to connect with community; sad they seem to have lost their way and only serve the mighty $.

  2. I’ve been a member of meetup for a long time. I recently noticed that my activities for the groups I belong to keep to going to my e-mail junk file. I don’t know why this is happening.

  3. My name is Joyce McLeod and I want to join some of the meetup groups in Charlotte

    but I am having problem sign in and also put my information in to join the groups.

  4. Still can’t access meetup after the breakdown? And don’t know why and have no idea of who I can contact at meetup hq? The site came up for a brief time today and went right back down. Have email, wishing someone could help? All my friends can access the site, not me? I get the emails but can’t open them and if I go to, it won’t open, just says ‘page not found?’

  5. Totally useless! I asked to speak with a manager and they don’t have a phone number. Couldn’t tell me why my meet up was taken down twice after being an organizer for years!

  6. I joined Meetup without realizing there was a charge for being a member I thought it was a free group, I want to cancel my membership immediately. I do not see a contact tab on the website please contact me asap and let me know how to cancel the membership.

  7. I was charged for not cancelling after a six month agreement they charged me for another 6 months. Thanks to AMEX they acted in my behalf. BE CAREFUL with Meetup they are sneaky

  8. I just started a meet up group and want to make some changes to my bio. How do I do that? How do I get into my account to change things.


    Betty Delman

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