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  1. I have been to store 0489 on several occasions for dinner. I have been told when ordering certain food items it is simply not available , turkey , sides, even chicken. I am writing this because my time is valuable , and a I rely on a national business , hoping to get consistent service. the reality is , it has not been. I am very disapointed in how the chain is managed . I will take social media and express my concerns . this must be corrected , you must offer the food listed on your menu or remove it.

  2. I visited Boston Market located on South St, in Fitcbhurg, MA on Saturday, July 26, 2014. There were 5 people in line when I arrived around 7:20pm. It took me just under 30 minutes to get my meal and pay for it. The Manager was onsite with customers getting frustrated while we were waiting. There was 1 girl putting the side on the plate and 1 girls at the cash register. I noticed 3 or so others just walking around and the Manager watching the 1 girl trying to manage the sides and putting lids on the orders. In addition, when I finally reached the cashier to pay for my meal she was cleaning tables. She finally noticed a few of us waiting with disgusted looks on our faces and came back to the register and proceeded to pour drinks for orders that were after me instead of letting me pay for my meal. I walked out the door at 7:48PM with my 1 meal. Fast food… I think not. I will not be back to Boston Market anytime soon.

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