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  1. I wish MGC would sell my loan to a company that actually understands Insurance Claims. It has been over a month and they are holding money from my insurance company (for interest) and I can not pay the contractor for work completed and Inspected by their independent agent. After numerous calls and me jumping through hoops to get them everything they required to release money they still have not released the money and according to their CS department will not be available until it goes through the Process. I asked what the Process was…answer is “goes to accounting dpt. to see if funds are to be released or held..” This ONE STEP take 7-10 working days. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    The CS Supervisors are NOT trained at all because when I explained to them that the money they are holding does NOT belong to MGC ..”they respond with they do not want my money….if I don’t pay my mortgage they will come take my house”

    I left a message for the CS manager forwarded by a supervisor 5 days ago and still no call back.

    A lot more to this but I fume even typing this as I have to float a loan to the mortgage company to pay the contractor.

    In a nut shell….MGC Mortgage does have a terrible customer service department.

    Very Shady Corporation!!

  2. i called numerous time with the correct loan # and social security # only to be told that it could not be found. It was urgent that I received the balance of my account only to be denied numerous times …….very irritating and disappointing.

  3. My parents both a FHA home many years ago. There are eight dependents. My mom died in 1978, we had a Succession done the next year, we were told no one person could not borrow against it without all signing, This Company let my father sign a second mortgage, without telling any of the children. He is now 91 years old, very ill and in the Nursing Home. He just recently told us that we have a second mortgage, We want to know how , when we didn’t sign any thing. Therefore this company did not do a property search, my father can’t afford to pay for this in a nursing home. We were trying to do them a favor by trying to get the payoff on the account, they give us the run around with the automated operators. So since we didn’t sign anything we are not obligated. We obtained a Lawyer, so MGC we are ready.

  4. MGC is so quickly to collect on a debt but when paying out a customer on money that is not theirs to begin with has taken them two months. There claims department has poor customer service. It has been two months and not yet have I seen my insurance claim check come back to me. I call and they tell me the system is down or I did not receive ny check due to the weather.. anyhow over all bad customer service.

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