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How To Contact Michaels Customer Service

Michaels Stores feature alarge assortment of general crafts, home decor items, picture framing and art, holiday and hobby supplies.



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  1. Having trouble getting a contact number for customer service and getting a 40% coupon printed online.

    Called the store and the number and can’t get through for the info to shop tonight. How to connect with you and get the coupon so I can shop now?

  2. Consistently bad customer service in San Jose stores. Just left without buying anything after waiting in 1 line 8-9 minutes, moved to a newly opened 2nd line for 5 minutes and then cashier told me to go to the end of the first line. I am used to the long lazy check out lines, the lack of in-store help, but this really took the cake. Came home to write a complaint to Michael’s “customer care” but their website does not allow that choice. Shows how much they care on the corporate level. Sorry, Michael’s I am not coming back.

  3. It’s impossible to apply for a position at Michaels because their website had me fill out a questionnaire instead of an application. I wasn’t asked about my experience or education. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated. I will no longer be a customer or use the website.

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