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How To Contact Zazzle Customer Service

Infinite and instant, Zazzle is the only on-demand retail platform for consumers and major brands, offering billions of retail quality, one-of-a-kind products shipped within 24 hours.
What’s that all about? It means that every single product they ship to customers is made literally one at a time, right after you click This is made possible due to years of R&D, proprietary manufacturing systems, and hardcore software development.
They enable retail-quality products (our return rate is <1%). This isn’t a photo-printing operation. We’re powering retail commerce that just so happens to be produced on-demand, which makes the possibilities endless. Infinite, actually, because you can customize existing products in the marketplace and even create your own products. Compare that to a typical retail experience, where you buy from a limited selection of products that have been mass produced by the thousands (or even millions). 1-888-892-9953


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  1. I bought two Zero Water 26 cups tank units about six months ago. The two unit have been in my refrigerator and one of them is just sending trickle of water out. I would like to know if I could get this tank replaced or how to fix it

  2. I have tried calling you people and can never get in touch by phone. I sent back a cell phone case and I want it credited back to my credit card at once. I do not want it credited to my zazzle acct.

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