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Biblio, Inc. is a small, privately held and self financed company located in Asheville, North Carolina. We are devoted to supporting independent, community businesses and are dedicated to a triple bottom line. This means we are committed to not only growing our company and its profits, but that we are also equally committed to supporting our colleagues and business partners, and fostering education and literacy.

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1-828-350-0744Review Needed Please Comment


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8/15/2014 Biblio Inc. - I ordered a book by Taylor Caldwell over a month
I ordered a book by Taylor Caldwell over a month ago - sent to Brenda L. Gentile in KY I paid you. got it from someplace called or whatever thru you. You sent me the wrong Taylor Caldwell book. I had just finished the Answer as a Man book I owned. I wanted Great Lion of Good or a Pillar of Iron. You sent me a book I cannot use, and kept my money. Why?

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9/14/2011 Biblio Inc. - Hi my name is Kelcie Kono.I had ordered a book on
Hi my name is Kelcie Kono.
I had ordered a book on
i had not received a book which suppose to come in yesterday.
The book that i order was called Student Activities Manual of Thompson's Mais Oui!(4th) chantal Tho,pson. Elanie Phillips. It is a new brand that i had bought it for only $62.31. Please let me know what is taking for a while.


Here is my e-mail

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