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How To Contact Outback Steakhouse Customer Service

Online Help Only – No Phone Number Available 1-813-282-1225


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  1. We used to come to your place a lot and loved it. We were members of the reward club and had quite a few points saved up – we were going to use them and were told we didn’t have any points. We called the rewards outfit and was told they had all expired. We told them to cancel our membership and haven’t been back since.

  2. I am hoping that someone there will take pity on me and try to help me out. We received a gift card from our daughter for our birthday in July 2016, I know, it’s been a long time. However at the time we received it I printed out the paperwork for it, it was thru Amazon, and yes I have called them but they said call you. Anyway at the time I printed it out I did not notice that you had to print the gift card, it just got by me, so I put the letter with the information us where I wouldn’t forget where I put it. Well I know you can guess what happened, I forgot where I put it. Then when I found it, well quite a lot of time went by but I thought we should still be able to use it so we went to outback, we don’t get to go too often because as seniors, we just don’t have the luxary of going there as much as we love it, so was glad to take our paperwork to Outback and got our meals and they came back and said, I’m sorry, we can’t take this. So ok, I went to my computor and tried to find the original letter from amazon and of course it wasn’t there, so started my adventure of trying to get this gift card. I have all the information, serial number 1527320473208450 and order number 110-3652376-2827450, and the date I received the email was July 18, 2016. I know, a long time ago. So first I called amazon to see if they could just send the email to me again, no, couldn’t do that, took information and said, couldn’t help us, we had to call outback. So my daughter is the one that bought it to begin with called and gave them all the information and they said it will take awhile but will see what they can do. So after about a month, no word so my daughter called and was told nothing they could do. Really? So I got on the phone to Amazon again, and after talking to someone for over an hour, again they said have to get with Outback since they can’t do anything. So here I am reaching out to Outback again. I know it’s only $25 and to most people that would be no big deal, to us, seniors in our late 70’s it’s a big deal, and the fact that our daughter paid for this and we didn’t use it, well, let me say I am more patient at trying to get a resolution to this, my daughter says no big deal, but again, it’s $25 and like I said, to us thats a lot. So I am wondering if there is anything anyone there can do to help us find this gift card so we can finally have our birthday dinner from 2016. I realize this was my fault from the very beginning and if I would have been more observant it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I didn’t notice the section that said print out the gift card. Then to print out the letter and put it in my safe place, my whole family knows that someday when they find my safe place they will find some good treasures there that I put up so I wouldn’t forget where I put them. Well I forgot where I put them.

    So that is my story, and if you can’t do anything, ok, I understand, but I thought I would try one more time to see if perhaps anything could be done about this.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give. As I tell my kids all the time, hey, I’m old, I forget. ha and yes I do.

    1. this post was suppose to be a message to outback and not in this to be shared, sorry about that, I guess I did this but didn’t mean to.

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