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1-717-697-0311 User Provided Phone Number
BMG Music Service Club store offers free CDs - 12 CDs for the price of 1. Buy any CD from over 14000 titles and genres

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1-317-692-9200 Press #.


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3/23/2015 BMG Music - Steve miller at 401 s chestnut pana wonder if my
Steve miller at 401 s chestnut pana wonder if my cds was shipped

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8/1/2014 BMG Music - i as well got in the scam and i called
i as well got in the scam and i called 1-800-541-0824 and thay closed the case.. it was funny thay called out an address that i have NEVER heard of and a last name that i have never in my life had. i think i know who i am. so anyway thay took it off . but the bad part is that it wont come off my credit untill thay report in . 1 time a month. so the car i was going to buy i guess i cant untill it is removed. this really sucks. but it was a phone call that took a whole 5 minutes...

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4/27/2013 BMG Music - I received a call from ATG Credit two years ago
I received a call from ATG Credit two years ago telling me I owed them money from a debt at Columbia House. I told the very rude man that I had never had an account with Columbia House and asked him if this was a viable debt, why had I never received a bill?? He was even more rude and could not answer any of my questions so I told him off and hung up. Never heard anything from them again.
But recently, my husband has been receiving calls from ATG Credit saying he has a debt of $21.77 to BMG Music from 2005, of which he has never had an account. I called them back and reached an extremely rude girl telling me that my husband should take care of his bills and it was not her problem. I had him call later and he reached the same rude girl. (We thought that was interesting). He talked to her rationally, unlike the end of my conversation with her hours prior, and he asked to speak with a manager or superviser. She denied his request and said it would do no good and just waste more time. He explained over and over that this account was obviously created fraudulently and she paid no nevermind and kept threatening him with this going on his credit report. He told her he was not paying for something that he never ordered nor received. She then started telling him that she could discount the price if he paid it over the phone with her right then. He laughed and reiterated that he was NOT paying for something he never ordered. He asked her for a phone number for BMG Customer Service so he could contact them himself and get to the bottom of this issue. She had no number. She had nothing, not even an account number that he could reference. Extremely frustrated, he hung up the phone after 20 minutes of arguing with this retard. I told him this was a scam right from the get-go. Then, we received a "Request For Full Payment of Your Debt" letter from ATG Credit. Once again, my husband just laughed when I told him we are now receiving mail along with the ridiculous phone calls.
This is complete garbage. How many people can they get away with scamming? I am so tired of my phone ringing and it being them! We have no debt, especially to some absurd music club, but everyone we talk to in the customer service departments want the money and do not care when you tell them we have never ordered, received or set up an account. Period!! So far our credit reports are clean and we will keep monitoring them to ensure that they remain that way. I have researched this to no end and will keep on doing it. I hope everyone else keeps fighting these idiots as well and NEVER pay anyone any money!!!!!!!!!! This is not over for me. I will keep posting complaints and calling whoever will listen.

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3/22/2013 BMG Music - Same here i had gotten calls from BMG and they
Same here i had gotten calls from BMG and they said that i owe like $33. I never ordered anything from them in my entire life. They have it on my credit report and now i can't get a place of my own because of them. I am going to call them up and start bitching at them.

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12/11/2012 BMG Music - ATG CREDIT is the name of the ones calling me and
ATG CREDIT is the name of the ones calling me and saying that I owe them $30 from an old BMG account, Is anyone else out there getting calls from ATG CREDIT,their # is 773-227-6843,the People are rude and told me it would go against my credit ! BMG had me down for about 160 FREE CDs from years of purchases and I never ordered them. I called their customer service and canceled all of it,and owed them nothing,they owed me. It was all squared away six years ago and now I'm getting a call saying that I owe 30 dollars !! Give me a break !! I owe nothing to anyone ! I have no unpaid debts !

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11/19/2012 law suit against BMG Music
I am doing a civil suit on both companies contact me at @gmail m

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10/25/2012 BMG Music - RJM Acquisitions 800-541-0824 - Ruining my credit
RJM Acquisitions 800-541-0824 - Ruining my credit but one phone call and they took it off my credit report and closed it! Scam!! Thank you for posting this number or I would not have known who to call.

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10/17/2012 BMG Music - Sony Music no longer has any ownership of any
Sony Music no longer has any ownership of any music clubs. The clubs are under Direct Brands Inc. Their AR dept phone # is 516-490-4561.

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10/11/2012 BMG Music - Chris, dispute it on your credit report. Dispute
Chris, dispute it on your credit report. Dispute on all three credit repots. For the reason, say "not my account". It'll be removed.

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10/4/2012 BMG Music - I FOUND IT!!!I did some research maybe this will

I did some research maybe this will you the people who are looking for the number;
They are now listed under SONY MUSIC COMPANY

1-212-833-8000 you push # 4 for operator, she'll give you to the A/P dept.
1-201-777-3603 gets you to the Accounts Payable department. The lady there sounded foreign... She gave me the number to the Accounts Receivable Department
1-201-777-3593 I left a message for a "Rick" I hope he calls me back I would like to have my matter solved. They are billing me for $59.99 for something I NEVER purchased, I didnt even know they were still around.

Try that link and leave feedback on the comments hopefully someone will contact you. I went ahead and did that..

Hope I get feedback on how this work for others...
I will check back in if It does not.

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9/27/2012 BMG Music - So the same thing has happened to me, ran my
So the same thing has happened to me, ran my credit and said I owed BMG $100 from 2010. I never made that purchase! I want to know who did. Anyone ever get anything solved? And how? I am willing to fight it!

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