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The most trusted provider of vehicle history information, CARFAX is used by millions of consumers each year. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports? are available on all used cars and light trucks model year 1981 or later. Using the unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN), a CARFAX Report is instantly generated from our database of over six billion records.

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1-703-934-2664Review Needed Please Comment


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5/15/2017 Carfax - they don't return your emails or calls
they don't return your emails or calls

kathy Read More

9/29/2016 Carfax is a rip off service - paid $39.00 for a fake report
Carfax is a rip off service. I paid $39.00 for a carfax report and it did not reveal that the car had a major mechanical problem, the transmission was shot. The report had three owners, a maintenance record, but nothing about the major mechanical problem. We are stuck with a car that we cannot drive or we have to sink $2,000 into the car to get a transmission. The car only costs us $3,000.

I am on a fixed income and now I without a car.

Bummer, shame on you carfax for not providing a better service. No one expects you to catch everything but a bum transmission, really?

MaryRead More
9/2/2016 Carfax - i paid for unlimited searches 4 weeks ago, only
i paid for unlimited searches 4 weeks ago, only did 4 ,now i cant log in again, tried to change password as it directed me to do in order to log in. no use, and no phone number to call in either.
used them in the past,and their information is incorrect, purchased a car 4 years ago,with no accident listed in the car fax report, i checked with the manufacturer,and 2 accidents came.
biggest joke perpetrated on the motoring public.
outright thieves.

solRead More
5/23/2016 Carfax - I purchased a 2003 Grand Marquis with 96,000. The
I purchased a 2003 Grand Marquis with 96,000. The dealer gave me a carfax to assure me the mileage was accurate. Only had the car a few months but decided i wanted something smaller and better on gas.. A lady that worked for a Ford dealership was looking for a used Grand Marquis, she totaled hers. She was interested in buying mine. The day she was to meet at my credit union to buy my car she called and said there was a problem. She said they use Autocheck, which is owned my experion the credit score company. The Autocheck shows the last reported mileage as 122,000 miles and that was 3 years ago. The average miles for 3 years is 36,000, so ad that to the 122,00 and you have and you have 158,000 miles....I have contacted the Attorney general and the DMV in Missouri. Have not heard back from the dealer yet.

JamesRead More
11/20/2015 carfax and ford are a total joke. my 19 year old
carfax and ford are a total joke. my 19 year old daughter bought her 1st car, with her own money. a used 2014 ford focus, I know, should have done a lot more research before allowing the junk focus. anyhow, the transmission took a dive at 20,000 miles. ford shows no history and she got a clean title when purchased. ford opens the trans up with no authorization from us, finds parts are rusted and denies the claim. they check carfax and carfax shows a total loss so now ford voids all warranty. carfax has absolutely screwed my daughter and now we have to get attorney general and probably pay for a lawyer. carfax has no way to contact them to find out where the total loss report came from or if its a data entry error. any help anyone??? also tried to do live chat with carfax and it disconnects me saying there is no agents available, this is sickening. I'm now expecting my email address to be sold and ill get a bunch of junk and probably hacked.

danRead More
11/11/2015 Carfax ok'd a car that had been wrecked no
Carfax ok'd a car that had been wrecked no recourse on my part

harold Read More
10/27/2015 Carfax - Worst service .Never deal with u again
Worst service .
Never deal with u again

MonirRead More
10/26/2015 Carfax is the worst service I have ever experienced.
This is the worst service I have ever experienced. There is no phone number to call and no way is shown, on the website, to access an account. I purchased several reports and have not even received the first one yet. It has been 8 hours since I submitted a request.This service is just a lot of hype.

PaulRead More
10/21/2015 Carfax - I thought I bought unlimited reports. However
I thought I bought unlimited reports. Then I find out they mean for cars with a license plate. You just get 10 VIN lookups. Useless.

[email protected]Read More
9/20/2015 Zero stars for Carfax they lie and do not have a phone number
ZERO - 50 FOR CARFAX TRASH LIES ..I DID A CARFAX ON MY OWN TRUCK, Owned since new 3 accidents shown.
carfax showed none like everyone else I want me money back .i will never see it . because I don't think carfax will. No phone # why because they would be broke if they did .

mRead More
5/14/2015 Carfax - if i could give less stars i would. i bought my
if i could give less stars i would. i bought my truck last year with a clean car fax report and when i went to sell it sure enough now they added an accident to the report feb this year saying it was in one 2 years ago.... now im stuck with a truck that is in a reported accident.. this is going to screw me out of about 6 grand... how the hell to you add an accident to a report 2 years later!!!!!!!! This is crazy and no customer service number so basically they can just say whatever they want and charge people for it then go around and hold no liability meanwhile there reports are taken as facts that can take money out of innocent peoples pocket...

SterlingRead More
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