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12/1/2016 - I tried to order something online and after
I tried to order something online and after putting all of my information in, I clicked continue and it said it couldn't accept my card to check the numbers and try again. I did this several times and even used a different card to no avail. Obviously something was wrong with the website. I decided to check my bank account and what do you know? I have over $300 pending on my account. So even though I didn't buy anything, CVS has taken $300 out of my account. I have called several times and the customer service is ATROCIOUS!!! They act like I did something wrong and don't give a crap that I am now negative over $300 in my bank account. Not that they would even give a crap but I will NEVER use CVS for anything ever again. This whole experience has been absolutely ridiculous and it's a shame a company like that can't have better people and service and actually care about the customer.

KendyllRead More
10/30/2016 - I shop at CVS quite often for sales and using my
I shop at CVS quite often for sales and using my coupons. Well the other day I spent $43.89 and then got a coupon from CVS for $10.00 off if I spent $40.00. Well the coupon from CVS expired today. Can CVS just send me another $10.00 off coupon with a longer expiration date please?

Linda Read More
7/15/2016 - I've been dealing with CVS for a long time and
I've been dealing with CVS for a long time and generally have great service and few complaints.
What I have been having trouble with is the CVS email.
I've been using this service without problems but lately I can't seem to be able to print the online coupons.
I've tried several times to communicate this to CVS and have not received any reply.
I do not text nor do I have aps.

Roger Rocheleau

rogerRead More
4/20/2016 - I had a job interview at the cvs pharmacy on the
I had a job interview at the cvs pharmacy on the 4149 north oak trafficway location in Kansas city Missouri and I called and spoke to one of the hiring manager and then she was setting up appointment times for job interviews and I told I knew an employee there I used to work with at a previous employer I worked for as a reference. So the hiring store manager calls me back and tells me I have a no trepassing order on file bhy the previous store manager but I have shopped in that store numerous times and if I had a no trepassing order and charge then I have no proof from the Cvs Pharmacy of any court ordered judgement by a judge in a Missouri court that I cannot enter that Cvs store or any cvs store and shop and be hired at that location or any location period. I asked the hiring manager to show some valid legal document that there is a court order from a judge that I cannot enter that store and be hired at that location or any location so this no trespassing order is a false charge because otherwise whenenever it happened I would have appeared in court and charged with a trepassing crime and it would have prevented me from being hired at Goodwill as Goodwill checked my record and everything was clean with no trepassing charge or anything on my record otherwise I would have never been hired at Goodwill period so I am going to seek verification from the Corporate Assets deparment of any court ordered document of a no trepassing order issued by a judge that I am barred from shopping and being employed at that store or any store. This expereine has made me very upset because why would I be able to shop and enter that store and no one said anything about any trepassing charge at all and now I am just finding this information out two days ago? if had a no trepassing order don't they think I would have appeared in court by now and charged with a crime and convicted and it would have prevented me from being hired at Goodwill and my criminal record is clean. So this trepassing charge is false and a defamation of my character and I will contact the Kansas city Missouri police department and find out what is going on.

StaceyRead More
1/8/2016 - Went to local CVS on Dec 27th to purchase Polident
Went to local CVS on Dec 27th to purchase Polident at ad price of buy one get one for 50%, They were out already, Young lady said product would be in on Wed, went back on Wed. No product.Picked up rain check, returned following Wed, still no product. Young man took my name and phone number and said he would call when the product came in.It's now Friday and no call, Honestly this is a terrible way to conduct a business and I will inform the FTC with this kind of ridiculous treatment and false advertising!!!

GaryRead More
11/23/2015 - The Harrison, Ohio store located in Ohio is the worst Pharmacy
The Harrison, Ohio store located in Ohio is the worst Pharmacy I've ever used. My prescriptions were called in two days prior to my visit. When I got there two days later the pharmacy said, "they was backed up & come back tomorrow". What I found out later was someone forgot to fill it. My understanding is that Aetna dropped CVS & has ask me to go to Kroger because of many problems and mistakes.

Can I say why don't you just go out of business because from lies I've been told from CVS you deserve to be put out of business. Now I must drive back on 11-25-15 to get this med as I will be out on 11-24-15. What about my time and gasoline and lets not forget a day before thanksgiving. Someone needs to manage and by the way I will file an Attorney General and BBB complaint on being lied to saying its a federal law and refusing my reward coupons. That's Bait & Switch.

George 10587Read More
11/19/2015 I need with access to my password on
I need access to my password to redo an application can someone help me with this, please.

traci mcallisterRead More
11/19/2015 - called my daughters heart medication into the CVS
called my daughters heart medication into the CVS location in Clinton Mo on Monday 11-16-15 It’s supposed to be on the automatic refill list but for some reason this has been an issue for a few months now and when I ask about it I was told that they don’t do that one on automatic refill but they have a bunch of times. Monday they said it would be in Tuesday 11-17-15 because it takes a day after its ordered. I still didn’t receive a call about it being ready on Tuesday so midday wednesay 11-8-15 I called to see when it would be ready and now they say not till Thursday11-19-15 . Did they just forget to order it?!? So now my 7 year old daughter is without heart medicine that should be taken every 12 hours it will be about 34 hours before I can get her meds. When I ask what I should Do I was told by CVS to call around and see if someone else has it. Really?!?!? I’m now in tears called 11 pharmacies in about a 60 mile radius of us and none have it. Very disappointed in CVS and will be looking for a new pharmacy that will do compounds
I called back later to calmly tell them I wasn't happy with what happend and the woman that answers says is there any Epaned on the shelf?? I hear someone say no then she says none to be found it will be in tomorrow and laughed. At that moment it was a really good thing I wasn't in your store. I could have choked her.
So today 11-19-15 Called at 10am and said I want to confirm Eva's Med is ordered and will be in today. She's says let me look then says weeeeellll I'm not sure I don't see ..... At that point I do t know what she said I said what?!?!? This is her heart Med I've been calling u about since Monday morning. She should have it every 12 hours and it's now over 24 going on 30 Y r u not ordering it?!?!?! She says ohhhhh ummmmm I will call u back. I waited 20 and called them back. I got the pharmacist and told him what's going on . He apologized. He's been the ONLY person to apologize for this mess. He's not there the first part of the week the woman pharmacist is. He promised there by 3.
Not one person there seemed to care that CVS put my child's well being at risk. I'm very disappointed with them and will find a new pharmacy.

AngieRead More
11/4/2015 - REFERENCE NO: 5495225 CVS STORE: 4422 Kalani
REFERENCE NO: 5495225 CVS STORE: 4422 Kalani Drive in Diamondhead, MS
This email is for Geof, CVS Customer Relations
Thank you for responding to my complaint. I purchased six boxes of the Loreal Hair Color, 6.4 Ginger on-line after visiting the above referenced store. After, receiving my product, enclosed were three coupons to receive 30% off on my next orders, as well. Therefore, I will not need to contact my local store for the two boxes of color product because these coupons are a better deal than I can get at the store.

However, I will stop in when your buy one, receive the other half off sale on Loreal is advertised in my local flyer, to see if that store is effectively ordering this product. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Lisa Vergano

LisaRead More
10/17/2015 - Thursday 10/28 / 2015 Cvs Acton (new one) I went
Thursday 10/28 / 2015 Cvs Acton (new one) I went to purchase some cold medicine for a child and couple other things. I saw guy name Stephen at register and tried to not get in this line as he was rude to me once previously. I stood in other line and it seemed all of a sudden others did too, so he called for next, I let lady behind me go in front but it turns out she too prefered to go elsewhere and refused saying"I rather wait here than go to him", so I proceeded. Needless to say that he didn't greet me, didnt say thank you or anything polite but had me ask him for a bag as he didnt give me one. Gave me rude look when I asked for one saying "sure you dont want to carry this, how many do you need?"...I was and am speechless, will never ever go to that cvs again even though its next to our home but still had to drive..Its a shame as he was initially rude once previously and I gave it benefit of a doubt. I was shamed in front of 20 people...he then left things in bag not handing them over when I had to reach over to get it while he was mute , watched rudely as to say "go away". I nor anyone else doesn't deserve this.

JulieRead More
9/26/2015 - Last evening (about 6:00 p.m.) I went to the CVS
Last evening (about 6:00 p.m.) I went to the CVS on Blossom Hill Avenue at Snell Avenue to pick up a prescription. When I completed that transaction (6:30), I got into the empty line at the Drop Off/Flu Shot window. I waited about 10 minutes to have someone acknowledge me and finally wait on me. When the information was completed, I was told it would be about half an hour. I then went back to the pick-up line and waited for my form to be printed. When that transaction was complete (6:58), I was told it would be about 15 - 20 minutes. After 25 minutes I went to check and was told it would be a couple of minutes. Ten minutes later I went to find out the status of my flu shot - by this time there was a gentleman waiting as well. A young woman who was in the back area of the pharmacy (I assumed she was a pharmacist as she was dispensing pills and filling prescriptions) came out and told us that there was only one pharmacist who was at the drop off window and she had to take all the customers in the line because they were all getting flu shots. That I learned was an outright lie. When the woman (pharmacist intern) who had been taking drop off and flu shot requests came to administer the shots for me and the gentleman waiting, she only had two shots. Needless to say, leaving the store at 7:50 did not please me. I have a couple of questions - If there was only one pharmacist on duty, why was the young woman in the pharmacy preparing prescriptions? Is she not a pharmacist? It really frightens me to believe that someone without pharmacological training is dispensing medications.

GinnyRead More
9/7/2015 - CVS on Main St., Honeoye, N.Y., Store # 5073
I went to CVS on Main St., Honeoye, N.Y., Store # 5073 on Saturday, September 5, 2015. There was a young cashier that I didn't recognize. I purchased a couple greeting cards. I asked her why she didn't scan my CVS card for the purchase. Her response was because they usually don't have discounts on greeting cards. That was a lame excuse in my opinion.
I went to CVS on Main St., Honeoye, N.Y., Store # 5073 on Monday, September 7, 2015. The same young cashier and another young cashier were working at the time. There were no carts available for customers. I carried a 24 pack of water to the check out desk. I put my card out immediately. It was then scanned by the other cashier. They made a mistake and had to scan my water pack a second time. I said I would like my CVS card scanned. The cashier that was on duty September 5, was now helping the other cashier sort out their mistake. The cashier rudely said to me, "Wait a minute we are working on a refund (to fix their error.)"
When they finished fixing their mistake, I asked if there was a cart for me because the 24 water pack was too heavy for me to carry. The original cashier said, "No, we are using the carts to sort out the Fall items." I could see a row of carts behind the checkout counter filled with items. NO CARTS FOR CUSTOMERS TO USE.
The new people need to be trained in customer service relations.

MajRead More
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