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10/13/2016 Hilton HHonors - I booked a reservation online; thought I was
I booked a reservation online; thought I was speaking with Hilton; found out the hard way that I had actually booked through a third party. It was a nightmare dealing with them for a refund! I was told by the third party I couldn't use my points; he could only offer me 15% off room rate; that I would get points for my stay (which was untrue) and the price he quoted me was different than the confirmation via email I received. After 1-1/2 hours on the phone, I finally got the escalation supervisor to grant me a full refund so I could book my reservations through Hilton. Online booking is tricky; be careful. Debbie

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6/28/2016 Hilton HHonors - You make it impossible to reserve using points.
You make it impossible to reserve using points. You require us to changeour PWs, and then tell us we cannot change PW because we are already registered. Maddening. Is it possible to speak with a human??

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12/29/2015 Hilton HHonors - Hilton Rewards beware you could be booking through a 3rd party
I think Hilton should inform their Hilton Rewards customers that when you book the computer; you could be booking through a third party who lie and cheat you!!! This happened to me this weekend. I called Hilton Rewards to
inform them and I have not heard from anyone!

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11/5/2015 Hilton HHonors - Customer service with the HHH does suck. I have
Customer service with the HHH does suck. I have been waiting for almost 2 years for my card. It would come in handy if I had one in my wallet. I haven't memorized my number and don't plan to. I honestly do not see what the problem is in sending the card out. I'm going to give them a call in a few minutes to attempt to get one sent to me, but I'm not going to hold my =breath.

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1/8/2015 Hilton HHonors - This is a copy of email I sent on date. Self
This is a copy of email I sent on date. Self explanatory.

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 12:40 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Cc: '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'
To whom it may concern,
This email is to start a thread expressing my dismay and regret of ever siding up with Hilton hotels as well as your Grand Vacation farce. In life it’s not the mountains you face that wear you down, but the constant erosion caused by the pebbles in your shoe that get under your skin. I have had too many of the constant pebbles caused by the Hilton Corp. The latest indignation concerns a reservation I tried to reschedule due to illness.
The reservation in question is number 3163193466 made for January 10th 2015 at the Hilton Boston. My wife and I have been sick with the flu and I needed to reschedule. I made this reservation on the Hilton Honors website as I make all of my Business reservations. No 3rd party was involved that I was made aware of. I understand there is a no cancellation policy. I called HHonors to ask for a favor and reschedule due to illness and some pinhead by the name of Elizabeth Carter in Advanced Purchases gave me her canned response that “I’ll need to get a note from my doctor before it can be considered." What the hell is this, third grade? My record and expenditures through Hilton speak for itself. All I wanted was some help, a small favor of rescheduling. Instead I get the indignation of a programed robot spewing your corporate policy. Your agent’s inability to think outside the box and insistence of corporate policy for this trifle matter has now cost you a customer. In terms that your bean counters can understand, this equates to about $8000 a year in hotel charges. Add another $8288 per year in mortgage payments and fees to your Not So Grand Vacations (catchy isn’t it) and I pay Hilton way too much money to be again disregarded like this when in need. I know the amount I spend is peanuts on your spreadsheet but keep in mind the hidden cost of a disgruntled customer spreading the word and selling against your programs. My Marriott rewards card has been idle way too long. You can follow this thread on Facebook and other social medias under Hilton Sucks. Arrivederci…

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11/6/2014 Hilton HHonors - My father passed away two weeks ago. He and my
My father passed away two weeks ago. He and my mother had Hilton Honors cards, he was the primary holder, she had a card with her name on it. They cancelled her card and TOOK ALL THE POINTS THEY HAD EARNED TOGETHER. Hilton may have every right to do this based upon some fine print hidden in the depths of a disclaimer statement. My point is this, just because you can do something does not mean you should. He passed away, she is grieving and now you are going to throw salt in the wound. She spoke with four people all RUDE! "Cut your cards up, they are no good". "The points were his, we are taking those back". REALLY!!!! Hilton Honors, you are in need of a new name....HEARTLESS HILTON! Someone needs to make this right and do the right thing! Her name was on the card! She wrote the checks to pay the bill! This is how you treat your long term customers?????

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8/17/2014 Hilton HHonors - I was trying to find how many points that I have
I was trying to find how many points that I have my memember ship is724322778

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2/22/2014 Hilton HHonors - Poor customer service , I am being passed around,
Poor customer service , I am being passed around, department to department. my last call to hilton grand vacations was with an agent named
Mindy, I was advised that my 15,000 hiltonhonors points from my hgv stay at seaworld Florida would be transferred to my account 905659965,
Well 6 mos.has passed and my bonus pts have not been transferred. Are you running a fraud bonus system. I always loved hilton but your system is not efficient in giving hilton honors points earned. I feel I was tricked into taking this hilton grand vacation package so I could listen to their sale
And then promised a reward that is being held back.
No one wants to take responsibility for this, I am being passed over and over, it is frustrating, can someone, once and for all, take care of this transfer of points that I was given, my stay was from aug 28 to sept 2, 2013 at hilton grand vacation seaworld in Florida. My 15,000 honors pts should be in my acct. by now.
If I had bought fr timeshare sale, and this was the service I get, it would be the biggest mistake. I do not feel helped or assisted in any way.
In an efficient company, departments should take care of transfer of points for the customer. Your manager must know this.

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2/22/2014 Hilton HHonors - I drove for two hours and could honor my
I drove for two hours and could honor my reservation due to a credit card error, and was told I can not pay cash,Hilton policy. That is not a way to treat people , I will not be giving my business to anything with the hilton name . You state customers come first, obviously not the little people. so extremely disappointed in the service I received. Thankfully Comfort inn is not as ignorant with their customers.

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2/20/2014 Hilton HHonors - I am a business woman who travels alone. I do not
I am a business woman who travels alone. I do not mind paying extra for a nicer hotel to feel safe and have the extras. This is the second time that I have stayed at the Hampton Inn in Selma, Alabama during the last six months and will continue to travel here at least twice a year for at least two nights. During my first stay I had to go to work with wet hair due to the hair dryer did not work. I thought about this after I had upacked for this visit in a different room and this hair dryer also did not work. I reported this and was told I could change rooms on a different floor, which would mean I would have to pack back up and move to a different floor. I went out to buy me a hair dyrer. During the early evening of my next night the elevator goes out. I am a smoker and do not mind having to go outside, however I am now having to walk up and down the stairs. I also will have to lung my luggage down the stairs since they can not check on this until tomorrow. My associate that I am working with has made fun of me for staying at the more costly hotels. I would not stay where he does, however I think I will look for other choices.

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8/19/2013 Hilton HHonors Horrible Customer Service
I booked my room with my debit card. When I checked in they stated that I didn't have enough funds to cover the room. I didn't realize that this hotel did this. However, I explained that the rest of my funds would not roll over until after midnight. The check-in clerk stated there was nothing he could do. I was disapppointed and I asked the check in clerk was he sure this was the policy and before he could respond the "manager on duty" (not Karen...it was an older gentleman), blurted out in a sarcastic tone..."yes that is our policy". I was taken aback and I asked him never to respond to me in that tone. It wasn't what he said it was how he said it.

I have been in management for over 25 years and I have never encountered such discourteous service!

I was not expecting such rude behavior from the staff (exclude Karen)!

The next day I noticed my son had not packed his toothbrush. I asked the front desk clerk (an African Amercan woman named Dhuriry (spelling??) ) for a toothbrush. The hotels I've been in offer you toothpaste with it. When she handed me the toothbrush and I asked her nicely did they have toothpaste. WHAT DID I SAY THAT FOR! She rudely stated, "ANYTHING ELSE!" I was shocked and embarrassed! A flight attendent was standing near me and she gave me a look saying did she just say that! I stood there for a moment dumbfounded and I told her perhaps. She would just have to wait and see. By this time I was mad!!

Oh! the bathroom toilet never worked! We had to keep jingling the handle. I was scared to mention that to staff!!! Their customer service...well let's just say it went down the toilet!!

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8/13/2012 Hilton HHonors - I am a Hilton Honors Gold member. The Hilton
I am a Hilton Honors Gold member. The Hilton properties continue to disappoint as many are not full-service, have limited business centers, and give little perceived value for the premium. Along those same lines, I find that the HHonors loyalty program does everything but build loyalty. It appears to be nothing more than a points-accumulation program and makes a nominal effort to make frequent guests feel truly appreciated. Upgrades are not meaningful and rarely offered voluntarily. There appears to be little if any effort to reward loyal guests. A good example is a recent VIP welcome card with 2 complimentary bottles of the cheapest .50 cent bottled filtered tap water. For goodness sake, at least fake your appreciation with bottled Evian, Voss or similar. I am truly embarrassed for you. I may still frequent a Hampton Inn or two ( a great brand), but kiss my loyalty and business goodbye - that also applies to my sales team and meeting business. Hoping you get it together before the next economic downturn... former loyal Hilton guest

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