Cartoon Network CN Customer Service


How To Contact The Cartoon Network Customer Service

1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA


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  1. I agree with you I think they like to play games with the minds of children when they go ahead and advertise a game like supper star soccer then get the kid all excited to play this game and when some of us go to download it it don’t work and they don’t say anything about having to do anything different to get it started it gives the child false hopes and that sucks and they suck more for doing this.

  2. I have just bought card wars and the dlc for cake and Fiona and wanted to buy 2 gems on my kindle fire HD so I did but when I did the game crashed. When I opened the game again the gems were still not there. I checked in my digital orders an it did in fact show I had ‘bought’ 2 gems. I tried repurchasing the gems but it said I didn’t have enough money. Long story short, I love card wars and would like to think that the game is great but I really want my money or gems please.

    Please respond, Jack

  3. Cartoon network I like to say please bring back the cartoons that’s gave kids imagination like for the following cartoons like g1 transformers cartoons and he man and she ra and gi joe and thundercats and let’s not forget the silverhawks too please recommend these cartoons

  4. :/ u guys are really showing violence and showing naked people can see threw censored so u need do better than that! and get rid of these shows u can’t show bad language this channel is for little kid u should be ashamed

  5. Your broadcast of family guy and cleveland show only i spanish instead of spanish on sop means english speaking viewers in the us can’t watch. this is unfair and awful

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