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Hostess Corporate Office Headquarters
6031 Connection Dr.
Irving, TX 75039
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-532-4500
Fax Number: 1-972-892-7694

Phone Number

1-800-483-7253Review Needed Please Comment


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12/17/2015 Hostess - does anyone still sell the raspberry zingers
does anyone still sell the raspberry zingers in the individual packages anymore???

lauralRead More
11/19/2015 Hostess - Could you tell me who in my area of Paducah ky
Could you tell me who in my area of Paducah ky carries hostess banana walnut mini muffins ?

DonnaRead More
9/17/2015 Hostess I'm stopping buying your zingers, 2 bites
I'm stopping buying your zingers,2 bites and gone, you reduced the size way down, but not price, been buying for years , and I know that you are cheating the customer , unreal

JimRead More
1/17/2014 Will Hostess be bringing back Susie Q?
Will you be bringing back suzie Q

AdaRead More
3/28/2013 Where can I purchase Hostess Ding Dongs?
i would like to know where I may purchase hostess ding dongs in Evansville Indiana and if they are going to be selling them again if so could you please contact me at thank you and keep up the good work i look forward to seeing the product on shelves so

Crystal SeibertRead More
12/1/2012 My company can Help Hostess. 12.04.12
My company can find a profitable happy median for the union situation unless liqudation has been solidified.

Sir RoderickRead More
11/17/2012 Please don't go Hostess don't close saddest day of my life
It's absurd that you guys are closing, the saddest day of my life. Its like a kid and a parent, you can't just take them away.

Constance BivinsRead More
11/16/2012 Hostess Closing
Sorry to hear you have been forced to close the Hostess Bakeries. I grew up with your products and will miss them. Take care and good luck to you. And, thanks for all the fun we had serving your products @ our parties.

M WoofRead More
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