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HP is an American maker of printers, laptops, pcs, digital cameras, computer servers, and networking solutions.

HP Corporate
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, California 94304 USA

M - F 24-7

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-877-219-6676
Commercial Support: 1-877-219-6676
Corporate Phone: 1-650-857-1501
Corporate Fax: 1-650-857-5518
Home Sales: 1-800-565-9917
Home Store Support: 1-800-407-4005
Order Parts: 1-800-227-8164
Business Sales: 1-866-625-0242 option 2
Business Store Support: 1- 866-625-0242 option 3
Public Sector Sales: 1-800-727-2472
Large Business Printers & Computer Sales: 1-800-535-2563
Large Business Servers & Networking Sales: 1-800-277-8988
Enterprise Software Sales: 1-877-686-9637

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1-800-474-6836Say Operator


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2/23/2017 HP sales dept kyle v from Idaho filled me with
HP sales dept kyle v from Idaho filled me with lies about the new product spectre x360 which I ordered and had my friend at Jim Meyers management call him to pay for the order under his business account. I was told I would receive the product no later than march 4 and it was to be. Built in the us in Memphis, tn.
Sat Feb 18 Jim Meyers called this salesman named above. Confirmed all data and paid for the computer over $2'000.00 on his company card. Then Jim called me and said the order is being built and on the way to me. ??. ??????

this never happened because the sales staff accusef me of fraud i wasted 5 hours of my time and was grossly discriminated against by hp the order us terminated and i urge all musicians and songwriters and members ob bmi to boycott and not buy anthing from hp ever. steve quint bmi songwriterRead More
1/27/2017 HP - the worst, so fucking pissed right now talking to
the worst, so fucking pissed right now talking to people that don't speak English and keep hanging up on me... just bought 6 HP all in one for my office this last year and 1 wont power up now and cant talk to someone...never buy HP again.........

thomasRead More
1/9/2017 I purchased an HP Pavilion 32 inch monitor and
I purchased an HP Pavilion 32 inch monitor and never received the VESA mount bracket. Mind you the User Guide has pictures showing how to attach said VESA mount bracket to the monitor. When I tried to contact HP, they told me that my model does not come with the VESA mount bracket. Well, I know that is what they told me about the HP Envy 32" monitor too. Also reading up apparently the more expensive 32" monitor from HP does have it either. If this is the case, why put directions on how to install the VESA mount bracket if it doesn't come with the computer and you can't purchase it either. When I called HP, I spoke to Febe and this idiot said that you are not supposed to hang monitors because they are expensive. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me that mangers don't work on weekends. I told her I wanted to speak to someone above her because I want to get this escalated. Needless to say, nothing was resolved and here I am writing about my horrible experience with HP. I was a manger of a Customer Service Department and I would fire any one a ignorant as these morons.

I'm mad as hell!Read More
12/19/2016 HP - customer service is a joke i spent 30+ yrs as a
customer service is a joke i spent 30+ yrs as a cust service supervisor & if i heard any of my reps speaking the way i have been treated. i would i fire most of the assholes i spoke with. they picked the wrong fag to fuck with!

godzillaRead More
11/19/2016 HP may be #1 in printers & I do love mine.
HP may be #1 in printers & I do love mine. However, customer service is horrible! I purchase all my ink cartridges at Office Max. Recently, I got a faulty one. I tried taking it back to Office Max & they gave me a run around. Then I tried HP customer service, there I could only talk to foreign people. One acted as though I didn't know what kind of cartridge my printer uses, that was pretty crazy, since I told her when I put in a good cartridge, everything worked fine. The other person I talked to wanted the serial number of my printer & while I was trying to get my printer pulled out to get that for him, he hung up on me. In the end, they told me to go back to Office Max.
These people act like they have never had a faulty cartridge before & I know 2 people who have gotten faulty cartridges. Guess I'll continue my fight with Office Max as these cartridges are not cheap & I'm not giving up yet!

MaggieRead More
11/15/2016 Bottom line; HP repair 'service' is so incredibly
Bottom line; HP repair 'service' is so incredibly bad that I will never purchase an HP computer again.

Don't purchase an HP computer unless you are willing to throw it away if it fails after the warranty expires.
Zero stars (had to press one star; zero is not an option).

glenRead More
8/24/2016 So what laptop to recommend if HP is so bad,
So what laptop to recommend if HP is so bad, PLEASE?? I'm having such grief with my HP Pavilion Win 10!

TrudyRead More
7/30/2016 HP - Customer service is non-existent. The Instant Ink
Customer service is non-existent. The Instant Ink product was sold to me in a very misleading way. I did not receive the Welcome Kit that is required to activate the product, nor was I even told about such a thing at the time of purchase.

BozoRead More
7/19/2016 I have an HP Officejet 6600 which has served well
I have an HP Officejet 6600 which has served well over the years. I am now getting a "Printer Failure ..." message. I have used the "Doctor" which has confirmed the printer failure. When I tried to contact HP Customer Support" I could not speak to a human being about the severity of the "Printer Failure" nor about a suitable replacement. It appears this is a new era of "Customer Dis-service" Very disappointed!

valRead More

DOT Read More
7/13/2016 Officejet HP 5740: We used it for almost 2 yrs.
Officejet HP 5740: We used it for almost 2 yrs. for Copy function. Fax never worked ... Couldn't Send/Rcv. Scan functioned occasionally. Copy function stopped working a few days ago.

We called Tech Support. We ended up speaking to Very Heavy Accented English technicians from somewhere in MidEast. Tried to get them to speak slower so we could understand questions and directions. The techs we tried communicating with expended more effort talking fast and not listening. Normally we don't have problems with foreign people because we are multi-lingual. I am JAmerican born & reared in So.CA. Barrios. I speak 3 languages.

The worst is they asked my wife for her "computer Password", invoiced $259 for tech help and additional $9 monthly on our credit card.. My wife and I spent over 3 hrs on the phone.


HP needs "Clear English" speaking Technicians to help its customers properly and timely basis. Customers are the reasons why companies exist.


VicRead More
6/13/2016 I purchased a HP desktop from Fry's and have had
I purchased a HP desktop from Fry's and have had intermittent internet connectivity problems from day one. I have called HP customer support before and after the warranty expired, They kept doing all the standard things like reinstalling the drives but nothing worked, The HP cheap computer has the network controller built into the mother board, this means the whole mother board needs to be replaced. HP has several excuses why not to give me a new mother board, mainly the cheap skates do not want to send me a new or refurbished mother board to correct his defective equipment. I will never buy any more HP products for my home of business as they are not a customer friendly company at all

KeithRead More
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