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Lenovo purchased the former IBM Personal Computing Division (IBM PC). Now Lenovo builds on its dominant position in China to grow in the USA and globally.

Lenovo USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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1-866-968-4465Press 0 at 1st prompt. No call-back after hours.


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4/22/2016 Order a Lenovo this last week and gets here one
Order a Lenovo this last week and gets here one week later. Turn it on and my ONE Year Warranty says it has 311 days left. Call customer support they down all day for maintenance. Just realized we got ripped off. Sending order back asap and will shout out to all who here avoid Lenovo like the plague

gregRead More
1/5/2016 Lenovo screen has been flashing starting 3 months after
the screen has been flashing starting 3 months after purchase of my Lenovo. Tech support has tried to fix 3 times over the phone no help. I have the complete IN HOME warranty repair. First they told me it was a software problem and I would have to pay for help. Then they finally agree it should be covered under my warranty, promise a 3 day turn around for my parts to be shipped to a local repair person to come to my house to fix it, per my warranty. 2 weeks later and 5 phone calls in... They finally admit that the part they are waiting for won't be here for another 6 WEEKS. the problem is there is no way to force them to honor this extended warranty in a timely manner. So basically, this extra warranty that I purchased is worthless, as is Lenovo's customer service and technical support.

SSRead More
12/28/2015 I won't recommend to ANYONE any LENOVO products
I won't recommend to ANYONE any LENOVO product as I had my IdeaPad S510p repaired twice under warranty and now I can't even get a LIVE PERSON to talk to as the SAME has Happened again. The hinge on one side has broken through the cover AGAIN !! and when I said OUT OF WARRANTY you can't get anyone to help so the next step is the ATTORNEY GENERAL. I have tried to call a case manager direct and they WON'T return my call !!.

David LohmanRead More
12/16/2015 i had purchased all in desk top of lenovo b 300
I had purchased all in desktop of Lenovo b 300 in the year 2010, as a standard co. but as backup customer support is very bad, there is response from any service engineers, we have to pay a huge amount to buy a good product but get no service is totally bad for the reputation of the co.

vijaykumarRead More
11/24/2015 Lenovo Worst customer service ever!
Worst customer service ever! I brought any home extended warranty Lenovo couldn't honor it because they didn't have the parts when my computer broke after only owning it for three months. I was forced to send my computer back to the Novo to be repaired at Michael Ernest but the part should be under warranty USPS cracked my screen Lenovo offered to send me pictures then didn't do it in a timely manner so I can make a claim with the US PS and Lenovo tried to charge me more than my computer was worth to fix the screen or charge me to mail it back to me. Lenovo wants to send me a return box I shipped it exactly the way they said and now they want to charge me more because they wouldn't honor the extended warranty that I purchased through them. This should be illegal, their company should be fine for false advertising.

Megan StatkusRead More
No stars, no help after buying reinstall disk and having a new hard drive installed. 5 weeks out of warranty. DO NOT BUY LENOVO.

jamieRead More
9/19/2015 Lenovo - I bought my Yoga 3 11" at the beginning of July
I bought my Yoga 3 11" at the beginning of July with the purpose of using for college in August. My computer started having problems of the screen flashing white, the speakers crackling at any volume above 30%, and numerous other issues. This was before even the first month I had the computer. So I sent the device in to Lenovos service depot, and they've had it there over a month and the service is on hold because they don't have the parts in their own service facility to fix it. I needed my computer when school started, and my performance is starting to suffer due to an inability to do everything I need to accomplish online. It's unacceptable that a computer certified by Lenovo as a company can't work correctly for even a month and has been full of issues for well over that amount of time.
At this point I can't wait any longer for my computer to be fixed - I need to buy a new one because I needed to have a working computer 3 weeks ago. This has been a big hassle over 2 months in the making, my time has been wasted, and I'm starting to fall behind in work. When I talked to them about any other options, Lenovo said their Customer Relations department would call me and fix this with a day or two. IT HAS NOW BEEN OVER A WEEK!
I know lots of people who love their Lenovos, so this problem can't' be normal, but a huge warning to anyone who buys their product - If something does go wrong they are VERY unlikely to make it right. At least that is my experience so far.
If Lenovo does come along and find a way to turn this situation into a positive I'd be happy to change my review, but until then I would definitely advise no one to buy their products.

HighFlyer96Read More
9/19/2015 Lenovo - I can't reach customer service/support or any other dept. Phone is always busy so you can't even leave a message
I have a G50-70 laptop. Not be far the most expensive but for my budget, it was top. I can't reach customer service/support or any other dept. The phone is always busy so you can't even leave a message. I get an error message when we use the guest account, can't access it (something about a guest client service issue the administrator can fix but that is not true). The computer is constantly popping up with supposedly helpful icons on the right of the screen and it constantly kicks me off the screen and goes into another screen without attempting too. Frustrating and disappointing as this is not that old yet. HELP LENOVO!!

AliceRead More
8/24/2015 my Lenovo is out of order.
my Lenovo is out of order.

gulsher aliRead More
7/25/2015 Lenovo - a hay is may hanging problem bahut jaada hoo rhii
a hay is may hanging problem bahut jaada hoo rhii hay model no g505 hay

ashwani kumarRead More
5/24/2015 Lenovo - mobile not charged
mobile not charged

chittaranjanRead More
4/17/2015 Lenovo Customer Service.... what is that? The
Lenovo Customer Service.... what is that? The computer is out of warranty I realize, however, the re-install discs manual is in Spanish not English............. I should have guessed....... the restore discs are also only in Spanish.. the English option does not work. No one at Lenovo will provide more than a comment... out of warranty... sorry. Obviously don't expect to get what you pay top dollar for.

PaulRead More
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