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Lexus has revolutionized the luxury motoring experience through its passionate commitment to the finest products and the most satisfying automobile ownership experience.

Lexus USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501-1106
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-328-2075 ?
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: [email protected]
Roadside Assistance: Press 1
General Inquiries: Press 2
Vehicle or Dealership Experience: Press 3
Lexus Enform with Safety Connect: Press 4
Lexus Link: Press 5
Lexus Literature or Dealer Location: Press 6

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-255-3987 Option 3


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11/10/2016 Lexus - I have been without a radio in the parts are still
I have been without a radio in the parts are still over two months away I have no Bluetooth no GPS to operate this vehicle

I have been without a radio in the parts are still over two months away I have no Bluetooth no GPS to operate this vehicle Read More
2/28/2016 Going to buy a new 2016 Lexus but the new grills are too ugly
My daughter was going to buy a new 2016 Lexus until we saw one on TV. It was ugly and the new grill is worse than many big trucks on the road today.

You need to fire the design team is that is the best you can do.

thechief Read More
2/7/2016 Lexus - To Whom It May Concern:Please relay my message
To Whom It May Concern:

Please relay my message to the senior management. As i mention on last email. CAN THIS CAR SURVIVE 50,000 MILES WITHOUT ANOTHER LEAK ????
1) engine oil leak at 15,000 miles only on May 8, 2013 (after merely "2 years old")
a) engine oil leak again on March 27, 2015 ( 33,802 miles only )
b) LESS THAN 2 MONTHS, engine oil leak again on May 7, 2015 ( 35,284 miles only )
c) Repeat the 4th time engine oil leak again on Dec. 26,2015 (44,013 miles only )
*** per all 4 repair service invoices/records provided by Longo Lexus Dealership, California, this is MAJOR ENGINE OIL LEAKS PROBLEM!!!!

Had chosen Lexus (also own toyota, bmw, benz autos) at that time owing to its fame of reliability, durability and sleek style. However, it had become a NIGHTMARE to me....... In addition to the time, inconvenience caused, I basically STUCK WITH IT!!! I CANNOT SELL IT BECAUSE OF OIL LEAK NUISANCE (NO ONE WILL BUY THIS CAR ONCE DISCLOSE OF SUBJECT ISSUE!!!!!).

Additionally, it caused UNSECURE, NON-RELIABLE and MENTAL BURDEN every time driving this car, as I simply tensed and afraid of when this will happen again!!! Not to mention I no longer able to drive this SUV car long distance anymore (initial purpose of buying SUV for comfortable long trip) albeit carrying 44,000 miles only!!!!!!

I am extremely, extremely........ disappointed, dissatisfied of this ownership, what will be your recommendation of my current awkward situation?!

Finally received a call from Lexus case manager ( Gina ), but another big disappointment and dissatisfaction!!! No showing of sincerity and/or willingness to provide a definite & solid solution to this issue, very much different from the advertised image.............

tommy Read More
1/28/2016 Lexus - We have been buying/driving RX 350's since our
We have been buying/driving RX 350's since our first one in 2000. We have a 2007 with 73,000 miles which we still enjoy as a car to keep at our winter-"away from Michigan and cold" while in Fl.. We recently had reason to contact Lexus corporate headquarters about a problem at the local dealership. My call to Lexus Customer satisfaction was answered by "Chip" in that dept.. I was very pleased with his time, effort, and concern for our situation, and he provided an approach which will hopefully result in a satisfactory solution to the issue. This definitely helped to reduce the frustration and unhappiness which lead to my contacting the parent company.

"Doc" Read More
9/15/2015 Lexus Carlsbad has wonderful service I thought till today
Lexus Carlsbad has wonderful service I thought till today. We asked Jason (technical support) to help us. We had an appointment at 9 am. He didn't show up, any phone call. I waited for him for 20 minutes till I need to go another appointment. I called Jason, but he wasn't available so I left him a message. Jason didn't call me back again. Very very disappointed and what kind do technical support guy Jason is!

Crow Read More
12/14/2014 I got my 2nd Lexus RX350 last December 2013 from
I got my 2nd Lexus RX350 last December 2013 from Lexus Concord, CA. From day 1, I and even my family and friends noticed the unusual smell (like an old, wet dirty rag) coming from the aircon ducts. I thought initially and in fact, was told by the dealer, that it was the usual "new car" smell. Anyway for several times I took the vehicle to Concord dealer to fix the problem and they did some cleaning efforts. The smell persists until now. Last September 2014 Lexus Concord replaced the aircon filter but with the caveat- if the smell persists they could not do anything about that anymore. In last week's maintenance service I told them of the problem again but with finality they told me that they could not find the problem and fix it, and advised me to bring up the matter with Lexus itself. I did not experience similar problem with my first Lexus RX 350 but I really do not know why for one year now I have been suffering from that awful smell only to be told by an authorized Lexus dealer that they could not do anything about it anymore. I would be very happy to get a response and solution to the problem.

4/3/2014 I have been a loyal Lexus customer since 1993. I
I have been a loyal Lexus customer since 1993. I have owned 10 Lexus vehicles (2 SC400s, 2 GS400s, GS430, LX450, LS400, LS460, RX450H and this GS460) and have been one of their strongest endorsers. Until now. I recently purchased the used GS460 with 75K miles from a different dealership. Within two months I got all the warning light indicating the brace actuator needed replacing. Part $2600, labor another $600. I realize the car was out of warranty and I did not purchase the vehicle from a Lexus dealership but hoped that being a loyal customer for over 20 years would account for something. Nothing, no consideration at all. Even 10% off parts and labor would have been something. I have purchased Lexus vehicles for the past 20 years because they were dependable and the customer service was top notch. I am very disappointed that there has been no effort on their part to help me. Especially since this , from what I have found on the internet, is a common problem with these actuators. Consumer Reports actually list brakes as the weak part on GS460 vehicles. I cannot trade the vehicle as is since it has a safety issue. I have to get it fixed, but, once I do, I will trade it and never look to purchase another Lexus vehicle again.

Michael G Read More
3/12/2014 I'm concerned about the ipm recall on the 07 Lexus
I'm concerned about the ipm recall on the 07 Lexus rx, I've read so many comments about the gas mileage dropping 5-8 mpg after the replacement of the part. What can you tell me about this?

BRENDA Read More
12/2/2013 My experience with Lexus of Portland
I am writing to tell you about my experience with Lexus of Portland. Before I get into the particulars of my experience, please look up my history and find the number of Lexus cars I have purchased over the last 20 years. Prior to Lexus of Portland, I have purchased cars from Lexus of Madison, Bergstrom Lexus, and McGraph Lexus. My daughter lives in Portland and we were there for Thanksgiving this year. Her car needed to be replaced, so since they could not afford to purchase another vehicle, I committed to trade in my LS600HL, purchase them a used car, purchase myself a used car with the proceeds. We went to Lexus of Portland on 11/23 and 11/24, purchasing 2 cars, a 2004 RX330 and a 2008 Jeep, completing all the paper work. We set up a time for 4PM to come in on 11/25, found out our daughter could get off work early, so i called the sales person, got his voicemail to change the time to 12:00. Did not hear back from saleman, and arrived at the dealer at 12:00. This was a 45 minute drive to the dealer. The salesman saw us arrive and was shocked we were there. I told him about our voicemail message and his comment was that he had not looked at his voicemail messages and was too busy to see us. He also stated that no one else could help us either and that we should go back home and come back at 4:00. WE went home, another 45 minute drive. When we came back at 4:00, we did not get into the signing of the paper work for more than 45 minute, even though all the numbers had been resolved the day before. I was to receive a check for the balance due me, but the dealer said they would mail me the money. If I owed them money, would they have let me leave the dealership with the cars? In addition, neither car had any floor mats, and floor mats were not something this dealer provided. On all of my past Lexus purchases, both new and used, I always received a full tank of gas. This was also not something this dealer did. Lexus of Portland stated that they were the best Lexus dealer West of the Mississippi. If that is the case, you have a huge problem.

Mike Spitz Read More
11/29/2013 Lexus I love Lexus cars but I felt bad today. I
Lexus I love Lexus cars but I felt bad today. I walk in the Stoney point shopping mall today and as always there is a Lexus there on display but today nov 29 the Lexus that isaw was a mess. The interior windshield and rear glass is all splatter with water . The back seat has some water sitting onit. From the outside the whole car is like invaded by water. If I were you guys I would remove the car right away before more people see this car and I bet people would think twice before buying a Lexus

Kim Read More
10/13/2013 Lexus - I am driving my third RX, the 2010 Hybrid, but I
I am driving my third RX, the 2010 Hybrid, but I want all safety features now offered by other companies. I have a wish list that I want to discuss with a customer service advisor who will forward it to the proper people at the factory. I hope that I can buy from the new 2013 models, but I am willing to wait for the 2015 if necessary. Please forward this to the proper party whom I want to contact me by E-Mail, I am a dedicated
Lexus man and I love my Lexus. all of them.

jules Read More
8/9/2013 I have a complaint about the Lexus Enform Safety Connect
I have a complaint about the Lexus Enform / Safety Connect subscription. I renewed my subscription and when I needed to use it for a flat tire on the freeway, I was routed to a third party after being put on hold several times. The call took forever, and when someone finally did answer, she insisted that I had to pay $56. to get the service guy to come help fix the flat tire. I tried to explain that I had the subscription, but she insisted and at that point I just wanted to get my tired changed. When I was back on the road and finally home, I have made about 10 phone calls in the last 1 1/2 hrs. trying to find someone to issue credit for this charge that was in error. I have only been given the run-around, told to call the next day, given 4 more phone numbers to call, and then told it was up to me to present my receipt and try to get a refund. This is TERRIBLE customer service - not what I would expect from Lexus or any company they work with. My car is a 2010 and I think I have been relegated to the JV team for any help with roadside assistance. This is more frustrating than my flat tire on the freeway in 105 degree heat while by myself and with 2 pets in the car. I will NOT be interested in spending any more money for the Lexus Enform subscription because customer service is the worst, very worst, I have encountered in a long time. I just want my $56. credit. It's NOT THAT DIFFICULT but no one can make it happen!!!

Marjorie Read More
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