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OpticsPlanet, Inc is one of the leading optics suppliers with a wide selection of sport optics, tactical and military gear, microscopes, and designer eyewear.

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3/25/2015 OpticsPlanet Inc. - I bought an online back pack, and 7.11 back
I bought an online back pack, and 7.11 back january 2014 and i went back to the philippine with out recieving my order because i left 2 days before it reaches Guam and the guy that i used to use his P.O. Box number told me that he did not recieved anything if in case it was delivered back then may i know who recieved it?

Franklin Read More
4/28/2014 OpticsPlanet Inc. - I did not get the CD with the Bushnell GPS that I ordered
Hello--I order and received from your company a Factory DEMO Bushnell GPS Rangefinder Neo 368050-------all is find with the product--- but I did not get the CD that is needed to load the golf courses---could you send one or direct me to a site where I could get the info to load you rangefinder------thanks you JOHN

John Read More
5/7/2011 OpticsPlanet Inc. - Purchased a Burris FastFire II and a separate
Purchased a Burris FastFire II and a separate mount for a Ruger Mark III competition model (about 4 months ago). Had the sight installed by a pistolsmith. From day one, the dot (advertised as 4 MOA) was more of a splatter. The smith sai9d shoot it awhile and it will probably get better. Actually, after 4 months and probably 4oo rounds run through the gun, the splatter is worse - not a dot but a splatter. I am shooting worse with the Burris sight than I did with iron target sights(15 yard groups of 6" compared with 1"-3" with iron).

I plan to contact you by phone Monday 5-7. I know the sight is within the warranty period, but don't know if you will refund or replace only. I would prefer refund if that is within your policy.

Thank you for your attention.

George Read More
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