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Playboy is one of the most recognized and popular consumer brands in the world. Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is a media and lifestyle company that markets the brand through a wide range of media properties and licensing initiatives. The company publishes Playboy magazine in the United States and abroad and creates content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobile platforms, DVD and radio. Through licensing agreements, the Playboy brand appears in more than 100 countries on a wide range of consumer products, entertainment locations and retail stores.

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1-312-751-8000Hint Needed - Please Comment


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1/31/2017 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - don,t care for the new format.. oh playboy what
don,t care for the new format.. oh playboy what have you done! please cancel my sub.

tony kinlawRead More
1/2/2017 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - i paid for 2 calendars on november 30 2016 but
i paid for 2 calendars on november 30 2016 but on dec 30 2016 i received just one calendar when i paid for two account number 0010591576 order number y056011000012

stephen j pollackRead More
12/12/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - I sent check in the amount of $15.97 for the
I sent check in the amount of $15.97 for the Playmate Wall Calendar to Playboy Calendar 2017, PO Box 62264, Tampa, FL 33663-2643, on September 9, 2016. My check was cashed several weeks ago, but no calendar.
I called your store in California but was told to email, which I did twice, without a response!
Is this how the new Playboy treats long time customer?
When can I expect the calendar? Or a refund?
Now, I call your (312) 751-8000 Company # but no one answers. One more evidence of the lack of service!

J MichelRead More
11/13/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - Playboy has really deteriorated since the March
Playboy has really deteriorated since the March 2016 issue. It has turned dull, boring and not enjoyable to read. What a poor management change for a once great magazine. I will not be renewing in April 2017, even though I have since the 1960's.

DougRead More
9/27/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - I think I requested a subscription to Playboy,
I think I requested a subscription to Playboy, approximately 3-4 months ago. However, the only thing that I have received from Playboy was a demand for payment for the subscription, not a single issue of the magazine? But then I was able to see a copy that my friend had, and immediately, I was shocked at seeing this rag of a journal. It was no longer the Playboy of Hugh Heffner. Not even remotely! I have been trying to inform Playboy's "Accounting Department," however, the only email address I could find was usless. Each email that I've sent is sent right back as undeliverable. I've tried two other email address's with the same results. Their demand messages reach me no problem!

BillyRead More
6/1/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - I been told to let my subscription run out and I
I been told to let my subscription run out and I would stop receiving the issues but this collections letter came in the mail saying I need to pay this. the customer service guy on the phone when I changed my address when I moved to Arizona. The guy said just let the subscription expire and nothing will happen. The call is recorded for service and this is the second time I'm emailing this problem and now still sending me renewal letters and I don't want that going on to my old account my subscription ended in April 2016. So why is this still my problem? I never agreed to any thing or signed a renewal !!!!!!! Please fix this.

GilbertRead More
5/10/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - Been a subscriber for 38 years. So sorry to see
Been a subscriber for 38 years. So sorry to see what Playboy has transformed into. New format and changes were a HUGE mistake. Can't believe anyone in the company actually approved this "makeover". Nobody I know ever bought or subscribed to Playboy because it was pornography. Plenty of free porno on the web. People who bought or subscribed to Playboy did so because it was a quality,tasteful,informative and interesting magazine with exquisite nude pictures of beautiful woman. Truly works of art in each issue. Now, just a shadow of its prior self, searching and hoping to make a last ditch effort to survive. Sorry to disappoint ,but it will never work. Instead of building on a rock solid history and making it more youthful, you have transformed into an everyday,boring, magazine with pretty woman with clothes on. Kind of like a catalog? Will never be able to say "DId you see or Did you read the last issue of Playboy"? No reason now…so sad what happened to a truly American Institution.

alRead More
5/6/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - What have you done? After receiving the 2016
What have you done? After receiving the 2016 issues with the new Playboy look/layout, I am totally disappointed. I am a 64 year old artist/ musician who has been around Playboy for the last 50 years and am trying to wrap my head around your new philosophy and who your target audience is. If you are aiming to please the new esoteric hispter, well that's not me. No Playboy Advisor or Party Jokes? Using the less is more when it comes to the Playboy's pictorial playmate images- turning out to be less is less. Playboy used to have the right balance of the cerebral and the artistic/visual. What a shame. Cancel my subscription and refund my money.

DavidRead More
4/27/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - OBAMA HAS PUT THE COUNTRY IN THE TOILET AND NOW

GUMBARead More
4/25/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - The section Dear Playboy in Playboy where
The section Dear Playboy in Playboy where subscribers state their opinions about Articles,Playmates and Pictorials is no longer in the magazines.It is probably because there are so many negative replies about the changes in the magazine, not only no nudity for Playmates but their measurements. They look like under nourished Fashion Models.. You have ruined a good Men's Magazine. I have subscribed for many years and have a collection of over 630 issues. Even the material used for the cover is like a piece of light cardboard, comic books have better cover material. I sent my March issue back ,and was going to send back all additional issues but it cost more then they are worth. My subscription runs out December 2018, you can believe I will not subscribe after that unless things go back to where the issues were before March 2016 and have Playmates of past years, like Janet Lupo, Patrice Hollis and Anna Nicole Smith just to name a few.

WalterRead More
4/21/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - I have been a subscriber for more than 52 years. I
I have been a subscriber for more than 52 years. I also have been married to the same woman for about the same amount of time. I have all my old magazines in a big box in my home office. I have willed them to my grand son and great grandsons. They will never have the opportunity to see a new PLAYBOY because I have yet found a person in my circle of friends that is going to renew their subscriptions, me included! I'm going to miss the jokes, pictures, articles and raw data. When is the funeral for the magazine going to be?

DevoeRead More
4/12/2016 Playboy Enterprises Inc. - I’ve followed Playboy since Marilyn Monroe.I
I’ve followed Playboy since Marilyn Monroe.
I just checked out the march 2016 edition, so disappointing.
Half? of the features I liked are gone.
So dumbed down, where’s the entertainment and information?

I just renewed a subscription.
I thought i was ordering “Playboy”, not this junk.
Could you please cancel my subscription and refund my money.


DavidRead More
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