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Progress Energy is a electric utility company serving the Carolinas. Use the number 1-800-452-2777 for customer service. To Report a power outage call: (800) 419-6356

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1/14/2016 Progress Energy Carolinas - I have had 4 accounts with Progress Energy for
I have had 4 accounts with Progress Energy for over 15 years with a good standing of e-pay on each acct. I recently had one of my renters to move and request the power be returned to my name - which has been done on 4 other occasions. This time I was charged a $542 deposit in order to reconnect. This has been a very upsetting deal for me since I have never had to pay a deposit before. My credit with Progress Energy has always been up to date. This is nothing but a rip off.

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4/15/2013 Progress Energy Carolinas - I am a Progress Energy customer in the small town
I am a Progress Energy customer in the small town of Four Oaks, NC. We are dealing with an issue concerning a warranty on a HVAC unit. We have to prove that we took possession of our home after a particular date due to the subcontractor not doing his job and the lead contractor declaring bankruptcy. Since the account is in my husband's name, and I had waited for an hour already, the kind customer service representative had me call my husband on his cell (speaker); verify his identity via personal questions and assisted us. This saved us time and money. He was very considerate and patient as well as professional. He did not waste his company's time, but instead thought of solutions quickly (very good problem solving skills and thought quickly on his feet. Thank you so much Lee of extension 1660! You are an asset to your organization in a time when your company is taking majorly bad press.


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8/5/2012 Progress Energy Carolinas - I cannot find anything on line about you removing
I cannot find anything on line about you removing refrigerators. Is that service still on going? Please email me with information. I am replacing with a new one.

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6/13/2012 Progress Energy Carolinas - My daughter's boyfriend came home today to find a
My daughter's boyfriend came home today to find a note on their door that they owed Progress Energy less than $40, which is an error, and they had already turned her electricity off. She has a seven year old dog that had been in that hot apartment all day and it's been extremely hot outside today, so what do you think being inside was like with no air conditioning! Then she calls and gets a complete idiot on the phone who tells her she owes around $143, which is also an error, because she received a REFUND CHECK from them a week or two ago. She just moved to another apartment and when she called regarding the move, she was told they would NOT have to pay a connection fee at the new apartment because they were already a customer in good standing. Now today they tell her they sent her a refund check over a year ago, which is another error. When my daughter checks her account online, her old apartment address shows a $0 balance and she hasn't lived in her new apartment long enough for an electric bill to even be generated. What idiots!!! They've got an inadequate system or just plain idiots working for them. I hope they know they can be sued for harming animals due to turning off someone's power. I'm pissed off for what they've done to my daughter who called my crying she was so worried and upset about her dog. These people need to get their crap together.

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6/13/2012 Progress Energy Carolinas - UNFORTUNATELY I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCED WITH

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9/7/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - I don't think enough can be said to show the guys
I don't think enough can be said to show the guys how much they are appreciated. When my power came back on after almost 4 days I wanted to go out on the deck and yell thank you! I knew they had been working day and night for us. Thank you, thank you.

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8/18/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - I think it only fair to post my positive
I think it only fair to post my positive interaction with a CSR today. Ms.B. was very polite and helpful with placing 2 orders, one a disconnect and one a new service. I didn't much like having to put up a deposit for the new connect but I realized I had inadvertently made some late payments.

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8/17/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - I must say because Progress Energy is a monopoly
I must say because Progress Energy is a monopoly they conduct business any way they choose. I had water damage to my home and had to spend money to on a plumber to come out and stop the water from flowing through the ceiling, and repair the pipe. Unfortunately I was not able to pay my electric bill until the following week which took me into another month. The wanted both the past due and the current balance which was a whopping 729.00. They refused to work with me and the utilities commission. They could care less about the emergency I had not to mention I am still waiting on the insurance check which is frustrating enough and they did nothing to make the situation easier. The said part is I was paying the past due and the next week the other part and they still said no. This company is unbelievable. There reps and supervisor are nasty and anyone above a supervisor you have to wait 24 hours to get a call back some call center. I work in telecom there is always someone higher you can speak with!!!!!!!!

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8/4/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - I am appauled at the customer service that is
I am appauled at the customer service that is rec'd by the CSR's I have had this account for 5 years- and of that 5 years have spoken to probably everyone in the CS Dept- honest to God ONE time and ONE TIME ONLY did I speak to a CSR that had proper training, knew how to treat a CUSTOMER, and did her job well- that was the lady who signed me up for services... IMAGINE THAT! I am calling the town council I am calling every representative and I am calling that co-op that provides services a block further down my street and will see to it that Progress Energy is RUN OUT of the town of Elgin. This company is operated by extortionists, condescending, completely disrespectful and entirely unbalanced individuals that don't seem to know company policy from Adam's housecat- and give you a completely different off the cuff answer with every call. And my hard earned money pays your salary to treat me with indignity?!? I THINK NOT- or at least NOT FOR LONG- prepare to move out of Elgin, SC (Fairfield Electric just might be growing a little stronger)and yes I will receive every penny of the interest owed to my service deposit over the last 5 years that oddly enough seems to ALWAYS have a loupoll as to why it cannot be paid back. Now excuse me while I get on my soap box and knock your company off its-

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6/16/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - Your CS people are extremely rude. I had a tree
Your CS people are extremely rude. I had a tree fall last night and rip a line down. It was for an outside light but I was concerned that it might be hot and so I called it in. Some woman answered my call after 10 minutes of waiting and apparently I interrupted her break or nap because she was terribly annoyed. I politely told her about the situation and she wasn't listening very well because she snapped on me and told me she couldn't tell me if the line was hot over the phone and maybe someone would come in the morning. She proceeded with her rude manner and I just said thank you and hung up. This is not the first time the CS people have been nasty and rude. If they don't like their job they should find another one. If they have bad attitudes and personalities, they shouldn't be in "Customer Service". If indeed PE does monitor the calls the HR dept. may want to listen to them. The lineman come in the middle of the night, rain, sleet or snow and never have I had one to be rude to me. I've never met one that isn't nice, polite and good-humored. The CS people are in a nice building with heat and air sitting on their butts getting paid by us, your customers just to be nasty and hateful when we have to call. I seriously think you need to look into this matter.

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4/23/2011 Progress Energy Carolinas - What is wrong with the online services. I can not
What is wrong with the online services. I can not ever get through to pay my bill online.

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8/5/2010 Progress Energy Carolinas - tired to make an extension for a $500 electric
tired to make an extension for a $500 electric bill, although we have an account over 3 years because we moved now they said we need a 6 mo steady account before they will grant an extension, is this true??

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