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  1. Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for the tree service which trimmed our trees and bushes along Vaidens Pond Road and Vaidens Court in Lanexa, VA 23089. I believe the name on the trucks was Aslop, Ahlpol or similar.

    The workers trimmed the trees and bushed and did not mulch or removed the limbs and debri. We take care of our roads and mow in the summer time. Due to all these limbs laying there we cant.

    I am trying to contact the tree trimming service but have no luck finding a company with this name.

    I want this company to come back and clean up their mess.

    I hope you can assist me, and provide me the name of this company.

  2. I have asked Dominion Power to visit my home several times to repair the result of sloppy maintenance conducted a while back. Who or what left the meter hanging and leaving a large gap between my siding and meter (caulking and mounting screws were removed) causing water from rain to entering and collect behind the siding. This is a dangerous way to leave the electric meter and could result in a fire. If my home burns down because of the way Dominion Power’s serviceman left the meter in this condition, at least, my insurance provider and attorneys will know just who to go after. I don’t expect this comment to be approved by the so-called “webmaster”.

  3. Wow. With all the unkind comments. Is there anyone out there, beside the fellow who spent thousands of $ to insulate his home, have a favorable comment. I am a new customer about to secure electricity with yours truly. Liz

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