Customer Service Contact Information For AARP 1-888-687-2277


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  • ‘Wow. I came here to complain that there is a problem with the security certificate on the website and that not one subject address worked, and I read all of this. With the exception of the rantings of the obvious racist, paranoid, teabagger republican, all the issues worry me. Unfortunately I already paid and so apparently I’ve been snookered. What do you do with the millions of dollars you receive from all of us on limited incomes? You should be ashamed. I’m very upset and feel betrayed. Also, THIS site doesn’t work either! I put 1 star since you won’t allow us to put minus a star, and it kicked back and said “You must leave a rating.” Or whatever the quote is. So now this will be the fourth time I’ve tried to send it. What is wrong with you people? Seriously, millions of dollars and you can’t fix the websites?

  • ‘I was informed by AARP by letter, that I was given a gift subscription for 1 year! That was less than a year ago & I am now receiving renewal notices in the mail! I do not intend to renew because my income is limited & I did not receive a full year!

  • ‘I rejoined and now received junk mail and I did not join for every moron to sell me something. Trying to contact aarp is like trying to pull your own teeth. I do not want the junk, period.

  • ‘I, too, have paid my membership dues but keep getting renewal notices. Online it says I am good through 2019 but have not received the validation stickers for my cards. Would like someone to take care of this for me, Thank you very much.

  • ‘I was sent a coupon book for payments for insurance which I do not have with AARP. I wanted to find out how this happened and was transferred to some department and the voice message said call cannot be completed please call back. SCAM SCAM I’m still wondering if I should ask Medicare how they got so much of my personal info. I doubt if I’ll renew my membership again or give anymore donations to their causes.

  • I’ve already renewed my membership but I keep on getting renewal notices. My wife and I haven’t received

    our membership cards. We’ve been members since 2010 and it’s the thing year after year. I think this is going to be my last year with them.

  • ‘Have been receiving dunning notices that I MUST pay my membership fee. Checked the card, which states I am good for at least TWO more years, so I disregarded until they now threaten to cancel my membership. Hmmm.

    So I foolishly called the “OUR-AARP” phone number only to be greeted by endless pitches to buy stuff or services. NEVER got to an AARP rep. despite the website saying the call center was open until 11:00 PM my time. Found an email link on the website. Clicking it does NOTHING. I was able to copy and paste the address, buy WHY BOTHER?? If they won’t answer their phone, why would I have any reason to think they would answer an email (with a non-functional link!). Went online and found a number for customer service, that actually is answered, and SUPPOSEDLY the issue was taken care of. [866-839-0463]. Pleasant call taker. However, I am beginning to think this whole operation is either incompetent, or an outright scam.

  • I also send my renewal check in May of 2014 and still have not received my new cards. I keep getting in the mail that my membership is about to expire; June of 2014. That’s why I sent my check in May because I renewed it on

    the special membership offer. Its almost July now and still no cards!!! Why? .

    Cathy 6/27/14

  • I, too, have paid my membership dues but keep getting renewal notices. Online it says I am good through 2019 but have not received the validation stickers for my cards. Would like someone to take care of this for me, Thank you very much.

  • I have tried to have my email site removed from AARP regarding sharing any – ANY – information about me. You need to be specific in how to do this. I simply want my name and email address removed from any published

    items. I demand privacy. Your http sites are VERY DIFFICULT to use. /remove my name from any published

    materials or you will lose a long-standing member.

  • I to have received several notices that my membership is due. My membership is paid up through March of 2017 but even though I have written them several times to remind them that my membership is paid up to March of 2017, they still insist on sending me notices of my over due membership fee. What gives? How many times does a person have to pay for the same membership?

  • The absolute worst. They called me for some reason, the woman kept saying she had to verify it was me, i kept saying it was, finally i just hung up. then I emailed to find out why someone had called. The answer was — nobody called me. Then I got a letter saying they were going to cancel my medigap insurance because I had not paid. I will fix but they are idiots.

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