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  1. Judging from the above comments, no one in authority with your outfit will even read this, much less respond.

    We have been in a constant turmoil with several of your incompetent employees over the past year..

    Our annuity was to pay one distribution per year. Year one we got one in med year (1914). All is well.

    Than some simple minded woman with your company called to tell us they were going to mail another for 2014. I told her several times that we had already received one and did not want another, for income tax purposes and

    because that’s what the contract called for. One a year. Months of nonsense with your staff finally unscrambled what should have been a five minute task. The second payment was cancelled, and made the payment for

    2015. Still fine. Than your morons sent us another very late in the year to put us back in the same place.

    Still trying to have you correct another stupid mistake. Perhaps an attorney might get your attention?

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