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How To Contact Asus Computers

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Asus eStore: 1-510-791-3705
ASUS TAICHI VIP Support: 1-866-455-2787
USA English Support: 1-888-678-3688
Retail: 1-877-339-2787
Component Product Support: 1-812-282-2787
French Speaking: 1-888-616-2787
Business Accounts: 1-888-606-2787 1-510-739-3777


5 Responses

  1. HI

    . IM naim I’m From bangladesh

    I have asus phone Zenfone 4 T001

    How do I updet vartion kitkat 4.4

    Please help Me!

  2. My Asus phone battery pick up not stuffing for 2 hour also.i called to custor srvice also they not suppoting, pls help me what to do………… i want to replace battery or i want buy new mobile……..

  3. Horrible experience. I need the recovery media for my ASUS laptop, which had to be restored after the 2nd crash in 6 weeks. Even though the laptop is no longer under warrenty, ASUS insists that they do the restore at a price of $79 with the potential for other charges. Still hoping a supervisor has authority to make an exception to this bad policy.

  4. If I could give them a negative rating, I deffinately would. My asus brand new computer stopped being able to take its boot up commands. The connection between the harddrive and the graphics card and some other internal connections broke entirely. I have a warrenty so i sent it in. Now, 1 month later, I am STILL waiting for even an UPDATE on how my computer is doing. No updates, nothing. ASUS customer support IS BAD. REALLY BAD. REALLY REALLY BAD. If you wanna avoid headaches, steer clear.

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