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Phone Number: 1-800-846-2000 association with this company:

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  1. I have gateway computerwindows7 HDMI IWOULD LIKE TO HAVE AN INSTRUCKING manual

    I now it is on the but I would like to have so I can read iit

  2. Our home has four (4) Gateways , my huge LX6810, two MT6707 machines (the travel machines) one of which slid from the rear of a B767 to the underneath the middle seats while we landing; then we have the LEMON! Our year old Gateway NV570P11u laptop which gives us nothing but headaches and heartaches. When we bought the machine it came with Windows 8.1. We got familiar with the machine then installed Windows 10. A few weeks later quirks started up. First, it would not read a single USB connection. Second, we could not connect it to any monitor. We figured it had to be a ‘driver’ issue. I went to the Gateway site and the ONLY Windows 10 (64-bitr) downloads for our machine, were all for Windows 8.0 & 8.1. Almost 50% of the sites offering Gateway downloads were blocked by Norton Symantic as being a malicious & dangerous site. One site offered every Windows 10 (64-bit) driver and download, for $29.95. Will you assistant us in getting the proper Windows 10 drivers and downloads.

    P.S. Your website was half-way down most of today (Monday). You could click on a hyperlink or download button and nothing(!) would happen.

  3. I’m not sure who my gripe is with. The sound stopped working on my Gateway computer when I up graded to windows 10. Notifications informed me that I needed 4 driver updates, but after installing, and paying for them, still nothing. Gateway customer service doesn’t really exist anymore. I was referred to an acer site which does not recognize my model as being qualified for customer support even though its still being sold on the acer web site, AND it was not one of the least expensive Gateway’s

  4. It is now my experience that gate with customer service and product’s are a joke. I will never own another one and I will let everyone I know never ever ever purchased any Gateway product. They do not stand behind their products and they make garbage.

  5. I brought a gateway computer 4 months ago and the damn thing broke. When I was on line it went back to my home page, and it says no internet connection. All of the lights were on my DLS I called my internet services and they came three times and it wasn’t that. I tried calling Gateway and allot of crap from them. I was told by one of them there is a defective product in the hard drive and for me to take it back where I brought it. They won’t take it back and when I called Gateway again, and I talked to a new person that one tired to get me to pay 150.00 to fix the problem. So, now I’m out 450.00 for a piece of shot computer. I really think they should be turned in to The better business bureau and have them fix all of the computer systems that they screwed money out of people. I will tell everyone about Gateway and not to buy anything from them and for their customers services they really need professional not someone that can’t speak English.

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