Avent Philips Customer Service


How To Contact Avent Philips Customer Service

Philips AVENT is a maker of baby products. The Philips AVENT product range includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding. 1-800-542-8368


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  1. My 9oz glass bottle broke into pieces, not sure why. It’s adverse as it’s not suppose to break. Please contact me back and provide me with another bottle. Thank you.

  2. Hi i purchased a set of dummies and they where damaged!the silicone had white stuff on it and marks and the plastic part was dented ..it was a sealed box..im really disappointed with the quality as these dummies are expensive.this set is the1 of many many sets i have purchased as my boy keeps loosing them.. i bought these dummies a few days ago.. please advise accordingly as we are purchasing dummies almost every 2-3weeks..

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