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How To Contact Belk Inc. Customer Service

The mission of Belk is to be the leader in its markets in selling merchandise that meets customers’ needs for fashion, quality, value and selection; to offer superior customer service; and to make a reasonable profit.
Reflecting the beliefs of its founders, Belk wants its customers to have a feeling of confidence that they will receive honest and fair treatment, get full value for every dollar, and will be satisfied in every respect so that they will return to shop at Belk. 1-800-669-6550


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  1. I ordered several blouses online through Belk. I received an EMPTY non sealed bag in my mailbox. My “blouse “was stolen, and. Now I can’t get anyone from customer service to answer the telephone. If my identity is stolen, I am suing Belk. Thank you.

  2. My wallet was stolen today. After filing police report, I called the number I found on line and was told by robot to go online. Online I was told to call. I did this 3 times. There is no place either with the stupid robot on line or by phone to report it after hours – “call back at regular business hours”. There dozens of sites, non of which address lost/stolen cards. I will cancel card permanently and never purchase anything there again.

  3. I bought 4 pairs of jeans at Belks’ website. It took 9 days to receive my order, which was the wrong color. I checked on the packing slip and sure enough I had ordered the color I thought I had, so it was a packing error. I had to pay to return the 6 pound package (no exchanges btw…..rotten policy) a whopping $19.50! Returns should be free (prepaid stick-on return label) …..esp. when it is a $100 order. So in effect the ‘free shipping’ I received when I ordered was cancelled out. Plus having to wait for a credit (only option on returns…..rotten policy also) to my credit card, which will likely take at least a month, probably two. I was planning to be a regular Belks’ customer for these particular jeans alone (which are not easy to find….so I was thrilled to find a source online at a good price). So now I am out nearly $20 sending a package back for a credit and if I want the jeans in the right color I will have to re-order (rather than Belks just having a box to check on the return slip that says exchange — and wait another week — and even then may or may not get the color I want even then. Yep, another potential customer lost to crappy customer service. I will never shop at Belks again. My first try was my last. We do not have a Belks nearby so I can’t say I’ll never shop there, but if we did, and if we ever get one……I will never shop there.

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