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How To Contact Macy’s Customer Service

Macy’s Department store carries clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes and Home Products for women, men and children.

Phone Number: 1-513-579-7000

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:

Stock Symbol: M Customer Service

P.O. Box 8215

Mason, OH 45040



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  1. Had a situation w/Macys regarding an online order. First customer service desk could not or would not help me. Stopped at shoe dept. and MARY took control of my issue and resolved it. With other of her customers she made everyone feel they were her only customer at that time. She needs recognition; she is certainly an asset to Macys. I/we now call her Mary Macy.

  2. I have been trying to get through to the manager of the Greensboro, NC on Wendover for over 48 hours and no one has responded. All I get it someone in India who can not speck English. Have left messages to the number he claims is the manager of the store.. I am shopper who has shopped at Macy’s for over 50 years and have never recieved the service I received at this store. Plus have not received a returned call back from the manager. If she is the manager who knows since you can not get a human to speck too unless they are from India and cannot speak English. Hopefully someone will call me back and take care of my problem.

  3. My mom (85 years old) went to the cosmetic counter (Lancome) to purchase some make-up. She was with her aid at the time. The aid told the sales lady that she could not afford the make-up. The aid informed the sales associate that her daughter (me) said she could spend up to $200.00 (a gift from me). The sales woman did not care to listen to what my mother could or could not afford, even when the aid started to insist again that she could not afford it. This unprofessional conduct was witnessed not only by the aid, but also by the other sales people, whom were shaking their heads with disgust. This sales lady, and I use the term loosely, sold my mother 938.63. On a fixed income that would be a miracle. Does she think that she is going to get a larger commission due to her greedy technique of sales. Her actions will now force me to return the items that amounted over $200.00. She is taking advantage of not only my mother, but now the limited time in my day to correct this audacious action. It also infuriates me that a “reputable” store such as Macy’s, employs people that would take advantage of the elderly in this way. I hope the elderly – and there are quite a few of them – read this and take note.

  4. Dont know why a customer service # is given b/c there is no one to answer for the very poor service this company gives esp at the jewelry department at Mid River Mall St. Peters, MO location. They accused me of something I did not do and I am so very upset. Awful customer service!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was shopping last night at Macy’s in Redding,CA. I wish to comment on the fine service that I received from Suzy in the mens shoe Dept., also the manager Robin. Wanted to let you know they certainly are an asset to Macy’s.

  6. Very bad experience with lately. I placed an order and get cancelled, I called the customer services and I was told that to make purchase in store. No one could tell me the reason that why couldn’t I place order on-line. Try to speak to the supervisors and receive many “cold tone” apologizes but not helpful. All I was told was security issue but they did not offer any solutions or explain the reason.

    My husband tried to call and made no different in their answers. I am so disappointed. I have been shopping at Macys for a long time but I now feel that I am not welcome there anymore. I will definitely shop somewhere else.

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